Vladimir Shainsky warm up in the bath with a student

Vladimir Shainsky warm up in the bath with a student The Creator of many truly folk melodies - songs from "Grasshopper" and "Blue car" to the music to the films "School waltz" and "Aniskin and Fantomas" recently turned 82 years old. However, this is the age on the passport. What your body and soul Maestro very juvenile young.This convinced the residents of Shcherbinka near Moscow.To our office came a resident of Moscow region Ivan Permyakov. He toils in the bath attendant, LLC "Zarya". Wooden bathhouse, where Ivan Viktorovich, ex-military, works part-time in retirement, is located in a picturesque place on the lake, a few kilometers from the Grooves. Despite the fact that in a wooden hut no basic amenities, it enjoys popularity even among pampered Muscovites. Читать полностью -->

Lenny Kravitz abstains from carnal pleasures

Lenny Kravitz abstains from carnal pleasuresMusician lenny Kravitz stated that he had not had sex for three years. Famous heartthrob claims that refuses to carnal pleasures until, until you find the perfect woman, according to askmen.In an interview with Maxim magazine 43-year-old Kravitz said, "I made this promise until I get married. At this stage of my life women have to offer something different, not just the body but the mind and soul. Now be it. I'm looking for great love".Kravitz was married once. In 1987, he got married to actress Lisa Bonet, and in 1993 they divorced. Читать полностью -->

Tigran Keosayan struck `acute myocardial infarction`

Tigran Keosayan struck `acute myocardial infarction`Famous film Director Tigran Keosayan on Tuesday morning came to the hospital bed. The man complained of severe pain in the cardiac region, and native immediately called him an ambulance.Arrived on a call, the doctors made a preliminary diagnosis of "acute myocardial". It was impossible to hesitate - Keosayan rushed into one of the best Metropolitan hospitals, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".In the hospital, more carefully after seeing the famous patient, the doctors confirmed the diagnosis. It was also revealed that 42-year-old Tigran required emergency surgery.Director operated by experienced professionals. The Keosayan held sanirovanie in the artery has been inserted a special device, which expanded the lumen and ensure normal blood flow.According to doctors, currently the state Director does not inspire fear. Tigran Keosayan is in a separate ward under close supervision of doctors. Читать полностью -->

Jan Arlozorov suffers from a terrible disease

Jan Arlozorov suffers from a terrible diseaseDue to unbearable pain in the abdomen Jan Arlozorov needed emergency medical help. The paramedics, who came home to the famous humorist, insisted on immediate hospitalization, but Jan Majorowicz categorically rejected it.Severe disease that has long plagued the artist, has recently escalated again. Jan Arlozorov long been plagued by severe abdominal pain, possible cause of which doctors called a tumor. "Your DAY" already wrote that a few months ago Jan Arlozorov was in one of the Moscow clinics with pain in the abdomen. Then Jan Majorowicz refused a thorough examination and left the hospital without the permission of doctors.However, the disease did not let go, and comedian had to enlist the help of specialists. After diagnosis, doctors discovered Arlozorov the truth about his illness.The diseaseJan Majorowicz long concealed the diagnosis even from loved ones, alone in experiencing the trouble. Читать полностью -->

Children of Nicole Kidman don't want to call her mom

Children of Nicole Kidman don't want to call her momThe actress in a recent interview admitted that her adopted children, Isabella and Connor, don't call her mom.Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman) told sleduushee "My kids don't call me mom or even a mom. They call me Nicole. This appeal to me on their part I hate most. I have repeatedly talked to them about it, but nothing changes".The actress also shared her view that her children have something to do with Scientology: "they are raising Scientologists. Need to be honest and not to have illusions about it. I don't want to be in the ranks of the organization. Читать полностью -->

A gust of wind knocked hypnotherapy with legs

A gust of wind knocked hypnotherapy with legsAlla Pugacheva nearly lost his fashionable hats - gust of wind literally knocked the singer rushed to save his headdress. Diva is almost gone - it picked up under the hand guards hotel in Kyiv.In Ukraine the star arrived in his special car, accompanied by Maxim Galkin. After the wagon was unloaded some suitcases with things, the singer waved to fans of hand, immediately fitted sat in the limo. She was joined by Maxim Galkin. As soon as diva came out of the limo, a sharp gust of cold wind nearly knocked her down, the newspaper "Life".Oh, and it's not hot here, " cried Alla Borisovna. - Even a little bit, and I'll fly away!But after these words the singer was not joking - the wind almost tore off her head chic hat. Читать полностью -->

The funeral of Heath Ledger will take place behind `closed doors`

The funeral of Heath Ledger will take place behind `closed doors`Actor Heath Ledger, recently died under mysterious circumstances, will be buried in Australia next week. The ceremony of his funeral surrounded by a veil of secrecy.The body of the Ledger delivered in his hometown of Perth in Western Australia. Perhaps the burial ceremony will be held in the chapel of his former school. The reason for this secrecy was that the parents of Hollywood stars, Kim and Sally Ledger, I want to make the funeral a private affair of the family.As told by uncle Hit Mike Ledger, the parents are going to do the ceremony of burial is so closed that even other relatives will not be able to get on it. This writes the Telegraph (the full text on the website InoPressa.ru).The family has already held a closed ceremony in a chapel in Los Angeles. At the funeral service held under tight security, was attended by his parents, sister Kate, an ex-wife Michelle Williams, two year old daughter Matilda, ex-girlfriend Naomi watts and 10 close friends of the family. Читать полностью -->

Beach tent, where sat Putin, went under the hammer

Beach tent, where sat Putin, went under the hammerHuge beach tent, where in June of this year sat the heads of States of the group of eight, including President Vladimir Putin, during the German summit in Heiligendamm, was sold for one million euros, according to Bild.The proceeds from the sale of the awning went to the children's charity organization "a Heart for children", created in 1978 by the founder of the publishing house Axel Springer.Various activities for children will be conducted in the Federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which hosted the summit, 6-8 June. Part of the proceeds goes to Africa: the future of the "dark continent" was one of the important topics of the summit in Heiligendamm, ITAR-TASS reported.Purchased a piece of furniture German financial magnate Reinfrid Paul, founder of the joint stock company DVAG providing services in asset management. "Who has achieved success has to think about those who struggle. Children need our help," said Paul.Now the awning size 6.5 2.2 meter will be used at the meetings at the company, which is owned by Paul. Suggested amount of 1 million euros to beat no one could.While the cost of the tent, which was made by order of the government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern specially for the meeting of the "club of eight", amounted to 10 thousand euros. Source: Beach tent, where sat Putin, went under the hammer. Читать полностью -->

Mischa Barton flashed dubious charms

Mischa Barton flashed dubious charms While the bulk of the population of the Earth shakes off the snow from the tops of Christmas trees, a young shy girl Mischa Barton sear its shape under the hot sun of California.Yes, the Hollywood star with a Russian named Misha has moved far from its first films in "the Sixth sense" - the girls who was constantly sick.Now Barton finishes work on the image of the Russian Lana - lesbian female fans of the group "Tatu" - in a film about unconventional love, claiming the "Oscar".To its 21st anniversary promising beauty managed to conclude several lucrative contracts with leading fashion designers and cosmetic companies.FormNow Misha could easily get any likeable guy and any role. And all this despite the quite significant cellulite on her maropitant ass.In General, his whole appearance young seductress Mischa Barton boldly refutes the common misconception that the perfect body is the most important condition for a successful Hollywood career. Source: Mischa Barton flashed dubious charms (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Abramovich does not change the habit of surprising people

Abramovich does not change the habit of surprising peopleOne of the most intriguing and controversial figures in the modern history of Russia Roman Abramovich. In the past year he has not changed his habit is to surprise and generate a lot of rumors.The divorce from his wife, an affair with a young model, the change of head coach of "Chelsea", the construction of a Grand amusement Park in the suburbs...The path to the NorthThe QUESTION of where did this man, who managed just a few years become one of the richest citizens of Russia, is not as simple as it seems... you Can look for the roots of the richness and power of Abramovich in the "dashing 90", it is possible to dump all connected in government circles. But the true roots of its history goes much further and deeper...In the fifteenth century, the Jews of Spain, fleeing from the persecution of the Inquisition of Pope innocent VIII, passed the whole of Europe. Some of them stayed in "Northern" lands East of Germany. Here, among the forests, abundant wildlife, nine Jewish families founded the village received from the residents of nearby villages called Tauroggen - in honor of the bulls tours, who lived in the area. Читать полностью -->

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