Vera Brezhnev back in `VIA gra`

Vera Brezhnev back in `VIA gra`Beauty blonde after three months of absence in the group decided to get back into the team. Having tasted all the delights of family life, she decided that it was to be a famous singer so much more attractive than a housewife.Ceremony TOP X SEXY Faith came together with another lead singer of the Albina Dzhanabaeva. Girls as if never parted: they were also, as usual, smiling, friendly and rather naked. Brezhnev drew his firm abdomen, and Albina - graceful back. Noticing the doors of the nightclub, ex-soloist of "VIA gra", guests were muttering about accomplished the return of the singer in the band.- As you can see, I'm back with the group, smiling sweetly, said the entire evening on a single question Brezhnev. "I am pleased that we are together again on such a good party.FamilyAccording to the Faith, neither of which solo career until she thinks. Читать полностью -->

Savicheva having horrible back pain

Savicheva having horrible back painSinger Julia Savicheva admitted that she suffers from terrible back pain. On tour in Novosibirsk "fabricante" open up in front of the fans:- Immediately after the tour to the doctors have to go! I wrote to the chiropractor, who is now "clean" my body of salt deposits.Physicians suspect the singer scoliosis, so after a few treatments the pain in the spine must pass. During the treatment Julia is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, according to the newspaper "Your day". Source: Savicheva having horrible back pain. . . Читать полностью -->

Yakovlev seriously undermines health for the sake of work

Yakovlev seriously undermines health for the sake of workFamous actress Elena Yakovleva, who played the role of the legendary Kamenskaya in the popular series, flatly refused to go under the surgeon's knife, worrying that will remain without work.The star for several months there in one of the capital's hospitals with problems of the stomach. According to friends of Helena, in recent years her health more and more alarming. Exacerbating the situation itself and Yakovlev, refusing to attend hospital.OperationAs it turned out, Elena suffers from stomach ulcers, but despite the severe pain that continues to work in theater and movies.- I really need to undergo surgery, " said the actress. But now I can't do as much on your plate. So I think at the time to postpone treatment.In turn, the doctors at the hospital where he was treated for a celebrity, insist that I need to do the surgery - otherwise it could be very tragic.Recall that Yakovlev was lying in the hospital, where she arrived on the carriage "ambulance". After the treatment, the doctors insisted on rehabilitation period, but the actress did not heed the requests of the doctors and started filming and work in theater, which is now greatly regret. Читать полностью -->

Gillian Anderson turned into a sex symbol

Gillian Anderson turned into a sex symbol This simply does not happen for four years nobody famous debutante, starring in a cameo role, became a world celebrity and a recognized sex symbol. And all thanks to the TV series "Secret materials".Agreeing on the role of agent Scully, Gillian Anderson and she had no idea what awaits her. Source: Gillian Anderson turned into a sex symbol (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Tom cruise has disgraced himself, praising religion

Tom cruise has disgraced himself, praising religion Nine-minute video of Tom cruise speaking about Scientology, has hit the Internet.In it, the Hollywood star says that this religion is "authoritative power" that helps people to get rid of drugs, rehabilitating criminals and "unifying culture" for the sake of world peace.Cruz in praise of their faith goes so far that says: only Scientologists provide assistance at the site of accidents.In the survey, which was made four years ago after Cruz received a so-called Medal of Freedom for Valor from the leader of the Church David Miscavige, the actor said: "I Think to call yourself a Scientologist is an honor that must be earned"."When a Scientologist drives past the scene of the accident, he is not behaving like the rest of them, he knows he has to do something, because he's the only one who can really help," says Cruz."I know that we first have the ability to help, really change lives, and I dedicate myself to this," he adds.Cruz says, "We are educating people out of drugs, we dominated the minds, we are improving things. We can rehabilitate criminals, we can bring peace and unite cultures".Recently released a new book by biographer Andrew Morton about Tom cruise, in which he argues that the actor has become the de facto second person in the Church of Scientology and consult with him on all questions of activity of the organization".Source: Tom cruise has disgraced himself, praising religion (video). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Sharon stone has sold a car for AIDS patients

Sharon stone has sold a car for AIDS patientsThe car is a famous Hollywood actress Sharon stone was sold at auction. Lincoln Continental 1961, owned by the actress, was sold for 400 thousand dollars.The auction was held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) at the Fourth international film festival. All proceeds from the auction will go to charity to fight the plague of the XXI century - AIDS.All the auction collected $ 3 million. The man, who became the happy owner of the machine celebrities, wished to remain unnamed.According to AFP, the money collected will be donated to the American Foundation of AIDS research (amfAR), which represents the stone.Recall that Sharon stone is not the first time participates in the campaign against AIDS. So, last year the star of the Thriller "Basic instinct" took part in the filming of the social advertising in the New York Times with the slogan: "We all have AIDS if he has at least one". Along with it, the action was attended by Tom Hanks, will Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, Elton John, Richard Gere and Elizabeth Taylor. Читать полностью -->

Basque continues to wander from apartment to apartment

Basque continues to wander from apartment to apartmentFour months after breaking up with his wife, the famous singer has finally settled in the new apartment. Taking their belongings out of the house, Nicholas was virtually homeless. Returning to Moscow from a tour, he spent the night or in the hotel, or from their parents.But thank God, nomadic life Baskov came to an end: on the day he moved into a spacious two-bedroom apartment. Correspondents of "Life" were among the first who the singer showed new residence. He meets us in a t-shirt and sweatpants and, embarrassed, asks not to pay attention that some bags have not dismantled.- I just moved, as if it were justified, Nicholas, and have not had time to settle in. Much remains to be done. Читать полностью -->

The group "Mirage" staged a lesbian Orgy

The group During the filming of the new video for the song "1000 stars" the soloist of group "the Mirage" Margarita Suhankina and Natalia gulkin made a real lesbian Orgy.On the set singers "pleasuring" several models. Half-naked girls, sexy curving in front of the camera, gently stroking Margarita and Natalia, embraced them, kissed. Singers shooting with naked girls very much.- This is my favorite doll - confessed "Z" Suhankina, hugging one of the half-naked beauties. - With such toys like to indulge. They lead me away! Source: the Group "Mirage" staged a lesbian Orgy. . Читать полностью -->

Star `Boomer` starred in hard erotica

Star `Boomer` starred in hard erotica Sergey Gorobchenko, which became popular after the role of the gangster's Petit Frame in the movie "Boomer", abruptly changed roles and appeared in an erotic film.And I have to say, not in vain! No wonder the bandits called hero Gorobchenko in the "Boomer" "Plowman-trahere".It is nicknamed the actor confirmed in the new movie. Explicit scenes Serezha turned incendiary.Roller, on which the popular actor Sergey Gorobchenko dance Striptease in the night club and having sex in different positions - first with one and then with another woman, very impressive. The sex scenes are accompanied by the approving cheers of participants, type: "Yeah, come on, baby, come on." This is footage from the film the Moscow gigolo", which will be shown in cinemas in February.A film about a gigolo, of course, is replete with bed scenes. During the filming of "otkrovenny" spent a lot of time, because in the story the hero Gorobchenko women often changed. In one of these episodes partner Sergey sexy actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya...StripteaseFor the new role Sergey had to learn to strip. This art Pete Frame was given with great difficulty. Читать полностью -->

Mother Princess Diana was considered the daughter of a whore

Mother Princess Diana was considered the daughter of a whoreIn the UK there is an ongoing process in the case of the death of Princess Diana. As told court the lady Di's Butler, Paul Burrell, mother of Princess Diana, Frances Shand-kydd, called her a "whore" because she "was confused with the vile Muslims.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

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