Pugachev predicted Kirkorov future

Pugachev predicted Kirkorov futureIn the Christmas holidays, which begin on Christmas day and ends on Epiphany, in Russia always was made to wonder and learn his fate.Many people are now trying to look to the future in these days, and someone the gift of foretelling given above and not dependent on a specific period.Thus, the famous singer Alla Pugacheva not once had a presentiment of trouble and save their loved ones from disaster.So, once intuition Alla Borisovna has saved Kristina Orbakaite and Boris Moiseyev from a terrible fate.The case occurred in the summer in Sochi. Christina was a little girl and while her mother was away, remained in the care of Boris Moiseev. They were offered to go on a cruise on the ship "Admiral Nakhimov"."Called Alla, and she suddenly sharply: "go Back to Moscow. No trips!" Christina is very upset. And suddenly on the same night we learn that crashed!" "recalls Moses.Here Philip Kirkorov, Alla Pugacheva once saved from disaster, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The singer was supposed to fly to America, but Pugachev suddenly felt something and asked to postpone the trip. Читать полностью -->

The film `Titanic` is 10 years old

The film `Titanic` is 10 years oldCelebrate 10 years of the most profitable film in the history of cinema. The premiere of the film "Titanic" Director James Cameron box office receipts amounted to more than $ 1.8 billion, was held on 19 December 1997 in the USA.According to film critic and culture expert, Director of the Russian Institute of Culturology of Cyril raslogov, the film marked a turning point in the history of cinematography. He showed that mixing genres can use no less success with the audience than a traditional movie. In the early days of rental people around the world lined up in long queues to see the picture. The film remained in the rental record time from 19 December 1997 to 25 September 1998.Mixing genres disaster movie and melodrama gave an unexpected result, said RIA "Novosti". "For a 12% increase in cinema attendance in Europe. Читать полностью -->

Paparazzi scared Nicole Kidman to the heart-rending cries

Paparazzi scared Nicole Kidman to the heart-rending criesThe owner of "Oscar" actress Nicole Kidman screamed with fear, and he feared for his life when three years ago the paparazzi chased her car in Sydney.Such curious details have emerged in the course running in Sydney trial, which will testify and the actress.Manager actress John manning told the court that three years ago he drove Kidman home to her parents in a car when they suddenly had come the paparazzi, among whom was a photographer Jamie Fawcett, AFP reports."She was afraid for her life and said that someone was going to kill her. She said, "This must stop. Call the police," said manning in court.According to Manning, during the persecution that took place in January 2005, he was forced to Dodge cars paparazzi who was traveling on the dividing strip, causing Kidman to scream from fear.Manning testified in the judicial process, libel, photographer Fawcett initiated against the Australian newspaper Herald Sun. Also in this process must testify herself Kidman.The jury has already decided that its article the newspaper has violated the honor Rosetta and judge Carolyn Simpson is currently considering the case for the defence. The newspaper publisher John Fairfax has caused Manning to testify.40-year-old Kidman, perhaps, will give evidence next Monday. She was personally summoned to court, although requested to allow her to testify by video conference, so as not to disrupt tight shooting schedule.Kidman and Fawcett earlier conflict. Читать полностью -->

Kandelaki saves his people from invaders

Kandelaki saves his people from invadersTV presenter Tina Kandelaki has accepted an offer from one of the largest film companies in the country to star in historical film.Socialite and TV presenter will play a role in the film fairies, who saves his people from malicious invaders from the magic forest. Leading suit all conditions and the contract amount, and a flexible shooting schedule, the newspaper "Your day".- The film will hit the screen at the end of 2008, " says Tina. "And I think it will be picture of the year for our children, because, after reading the scripts, I realized that nothing is more delightful and beautiful never seen before. Source: Kandelaki saves his people from invaders. . . Читать полностью -->

Newborns Dennis Quaid became addicts

Newborns Dennis Quaid became addictsReporters learned about a true tragedy in the family of actor Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly Buffington. November 8, the couple gave birth to twins - carried, however, a surrogate mother, but no less beloved and long-awaited.And hospital of Los Angeles infants mistakenly injected with a dangerous dose of the drug.Babies Thomas Boone and Zoe grace were given a huge dose of the drug Heparin (anti-coagulant agent, used to prevent blood clots). Usually newborns give 10 units of this drug - but the children of Quaid received 10 thousand units. Part of the dose got the poor thing in the morning, then again in the evening.According to press reports, the children began to bleed. The two toddlers are now in the ICU, and like to present them in a stable condition. But I can only imagine what experienced parents these days and are still experiencing. Читать полностью -->

Mother Valeria lives on a meager pension

Mother Valeria lives on a meager pensionSinger Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigozhin earn well and have the opportunity to help her family. Without this help their families would be very hard. Mother Valeria, for example, gets only five thousand rubles a month.This fact is especially outraged son-in-law women Joseph Prigogine."We used to consider only the income," says the producer. - And about the costs somehow don't think. Money is never enough, never enough. Even pop stars. Читать полностью -->

Died Director-animator Valery Ugarov

Died Director-animator Valery UgarovIn Moscow on Saturday at the 67th year of life died a famous filmmaker animator Valery Ugarov. About it RIA "Novosti" reported Victoria Tokareva is the representative of the company UMP, where in recent years he worked as the Director."Domestic audience, the Director known for works such as "Merry go round", "a Box with a secret" the story Odoevsky, "Caliph stork". As an artist, he participated in the creation of a number of editions of the animated series "Nu pogodi!", - said Tokarev.As it became known, the Director died in Moscow on Saturday, in the middle of the day. He went into cardiac arrest.As added by Victoria Tokareva, the artist literally a month did not live up to its premiere of the big picture - "Grandma-ezhka and others", has won many awards at the festivals of animated films.Since 2003, Valery Ugarov worked on full-length animation film "Grandma-ezhka and others." Its premiere was scheduled for the 22nd of December, and go on the wide screen it should be in February. Source: Died the Director-animator Valery Ugarov. . Читать полностью -->

Anna Samokhina happy, abandoning restaurants

Anna Samokhina happy, abandoning restaurantsActress Anna Samokhina has become a "berry again". We have celebrated her 45th anniversary. On this day, the apartment of the famous actress was shaken by the sounds of fireworks and noisy cavalcade of guests didn't bother the neighbors. Businesswoman Samokhina adopted a tough decision.Most likely two of her restaurant, "Lieutenant Rzhevsky" and "Count Suvorov", after the reconstruction will change the owner. All this birthday girl told "MK" literally the day after the anniversary.- As noted by its 45?- Quiet and homey. Together with the closest people.Is you daughter Sasha mean?- And not only. Читать полностью -->

Celentano celebrates 70th anniversary

Celentano celebrates 70th anniversaryWorld popular Italian singer and actor Adriano Celentano celebrates 70-year anniversary.He was born January 6, 1938 in the North of Milan in the working-class neighborhoods, but rather on the street a Glitch in the Apulian family of poor peasants. They came from the South in search of work and fortune. The family was friendly and very musical. Perhaps, Adriano was fond of music less than other, much more interesting it seemed to him, the teenager, the profession of watchmaker, which he possessed, working in the workshop of his uncle.On stage he got a chance. At first he acted as a parodist, then began to sing his own songs.In 1957 in Milan's Palace of sports "Ciacco" was held the first pan-Italian contest of rock-n-roll. Only a few dared to present to the jury and listeners of songs of his own. Читать полностью -->