The boyar's daughter insulted, calling is futile

The boyar's daughter insulted, calling is futileIn a recent interview with Liza Boyarskaya told that in the childhood was completely indifferent to the cinema and theatre and become an actress didn't want to. And in eight years, Lisa returned a verdict of complete hopelessness.However, it was already about ballet. Daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky from a very young age, loved to dance, and so it was decided to give to a specialized school."With five years worked in the Studio, in the Anichkov Palace, we performed at various concerts, says Lisa. - Eight years in dad decided to send me to the Vaganova Academy. I studied there for a month on probation. Easter his shoes his feet in the blood, crying from the unbearable pain. Читать полностью -->

Julia Volkova held over her son circumcised

Julia Volkova held over her son circumcisedFor the singer, who had confessed to Dating with your loved one Christian faith, to decide on such a serious step was very hard. But she was not, because this condition has put parents Parviz.As it turned out the "Z" family of the young man demanded that sacred rite Sunnat held over the boy, named Sam, as soon as possible.Now my son is a true Muslim, says "tattoo". Now Sam feels great, eats well and is always smiling.However, a young mother shortly after the birth of her son refused to feed baby, thinking that a boy can grow on artificial feeding.I prioritize mixtures and various special cereals, " admits Julia. - I have a daughter and grew up on this food, and I think nothing wrong with that. Besides, I plan in the coming months to get back on stage, so breastfeeding would be very problematic if I have to go on tour. Source: Julia Volkova held over her son circumcised. Читать полностью -->

Gurchenko struck out from the life of the unborn child

Gurchenko struck out from the life of the unborn childFamous actress Lyudmila Gurchenko strongly against the birth of a grandson. Having learned that the granddaughter is waiting for the birth of the baby in January, the star stated categorically:I don't want this baby!The birth of the fourth generation in the family Gurchenko already on the nose. In winter it is expected the birth of a grandson (or great-granddaughter - a child's sex is not yet determined) the great actress from her only granddaughter Helena. She is the only representative of the third generation Gurchenko. Grandson Lyudmila Gurchenko mark died very young, before he could marry and have a child.That 22-year-old Elena is pregnant, famous grandma learned granddaughter when was only on the second month of pregnancy. Not happy about the news. Читать полностью -->

Lohan apologized to the fans for addiction

Lohan apologized to the fans for addictionLindsay Lohan has given her first interview after release from the rehab clinic Cirque Lodge in Utah, where she was treated for drug addiction, according to AFP.In an interview with OK magazine!, excerpts from which were published on Tuesday, 21-year-old Lohan said. "I've hit rock bottom and stay at the clinic had a sobering effect. I look at myself and to all people, all places and all the events in my life.". . . . Читать полностью -->

I Gazmanov right away

I Gazmanov right awayAt 26 years of Rodion had been revoked for gross misconduct on the road. Aspiring actor and musician at his "Toyota RAV 4" towards the center of the street Novomoskovsk.Suddenly, the car Gazmanov Jr. left on a strip of oncoming traffic. Of course, this maneuver did not go unnoticed by the inspector of traffic police. The policeman stopped the hearing and asked to produce documents. The violation was so arrogant that even after hearing the son of the favourite of the audience, the guard made the Protocol.- Due to the poor condition of the roadway I just noticed markup - tried to justify the star driver.However, the inspector was unwavering - taking Rodion Gazmanov law, he gave him in return a temporary driving permit. Читать полностью -->

`Ivan` stole a brand new car

`Ivan` stole a brand new carBrand new "Volga" member of the popular group Kirill Andreev bought before September 1.This year his son Kirill went to the first class, here's a good father, and acquired a transport to carry the boy to class. And hired for this special driver.But his father's gift was used by the child is not very long. "Volga" was stolen from a guarded paid Parking lot, where she "slept" next to the "Toyota" Andreev and the "Lexus" of his wife. The loss was discovered when my Son had to drive to school. The police found out that the car was gone, along with... the watchman of Parking.Initially, the Opera was suggested that the hijackers were able to kill a man. Читать полностью -->

Bilan has earned the recognition of Chechnya and Ingushetia

Bilan has earned the recognition of Chechnya and IngushetiaOne day Dima Bilan was awarded the title of honored artist of the two republicsAfter the concert singer in Chechnya came on the scene, Ramzan Kadyrov, and, thanking him for his wonderful speech, declared:- Dima, you're out! I congratulate you on receiving the title of honored artist of Chechnya!After Kadyrov, took the stage and Murat Zyazikov. Having seized the initiative, Murat Magomedovich announced that henceforth Bilan and honoured artist of Ingushetia!"Thank you," thanked the two presidents touched Dmitry. Thanks for appreciating my talent! Source: Bilan has earned the recognition of Chechnya and Ingushetia. . . . Читать полностью -->

Daughter marries Cool

Daughter marries CoolDaughter of Igor Krutoy Victoria is getting married. The pair is now in full swing preparing for the most happy day of their lives.About the upcoming wedding of Victoria at the launch of his new album announced from the stage, a close friend Irina Dubtsova.Seeing how Steep danced PA erotic with her boyfriend Alexander, the singer, unable to restrain himself, frankly told the guests about the wedding.- Here look, as with Vika dancing, her fiance, said Dubtsova, - well, downright feast for the eyes!Recall that at the wedding of his brother Nicholas, Victoria, to the surprise of his parents, caught the bride's bouquet.- Well, now I will marry! - gleefully shouted Steep.LoveApparently, the child of a famous composer in that day knew what was soon to marry.As found "Z", with Alexander Vika met at a party with friends. A few days later the couple started Dating, and for a long time they parted. According to close friends of young people, Cool is madly in love with Sasha and believes that it fits her like no other guy. Besides, according to her, he is very funny and it is always a good time.It is unclear how this news will concern himself Igor Krutoy, we only know that the Fiddler composer like his sense of purpose and confidence in life. Source: Daughter marries Cool. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears has dumped three lawyer

Britney Spears has dumped three lawyerThe lawyer Britney Spears, sorrel Troup, on Wednesday filed a request to withdraw from the trial on the custody of children, which the singer has been with ex-husband Kevin motherhood, reports TMZ."Contacts between spears and the law firm of Trope & Trope is interrupted, making it impossible for the further protection of its interests", - stated in the document presented in court.Troup gave no details, but added that the final decision does not depend on it. "A lawyer can't just pull out. We will ask that the court released us," he said. A hearing on the matter scheduled for February 4.Troup was the third lawyer Spears in her ongoing battle with ex-husband. Her first lawyer, Laura Wasser, gone in September, shortly after the formalization of the divorce. Then Spears approached the firm Freid & Goldsman, but their relationship lasted several days.Soon after the firm of Troupe took over the business, Spears has temporarily deprived of her sons, 2-year-old Sean Preston and one-year-old Jayden. Читать полностью -->

Katya Ogonek will be buried in Moscow

Katya Ogonek will be buried in MoscowThe burial place of the performer the "thieves" song of Katya Ogonek has not been determined, but they will most likely not her home town of Dzhubga (Krasnodar region). About Krasnodar correspondent of IA REGNUM informed the relatives of the deceased."As a child Christina moved with her family to Kislovodsk, and from there to Moscow. After moving to her home town not often seen. Therefore, it is unlikely to be buried here. Most likely, it will happen in Moscow, where she lived for 16 years", - said the Agency interlocutor.According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", bury the singer at the Archangel cemetery.Christina Pozharsky, known to listeners of radio "Chanson" and fans of the genre as Katya Ogonek. Other names under which it knew the audience and the producers, Cristina Pinchasov, Kristina Bogdanov, Masha Sha. Читать полностью -->

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