The virus that hit wife Petrosian, no cure

The virus that hit wife Petrosian, no cureSpouse Evgeny Petrosyan now in its second week can not get rid of high temperature, after on the road picked up an unknown virus. According to the comedian, his wife did not even help the antibiotics.Despite the weakness and high temperature (under 40), Stepanenko still could not miss shooting blue fire on the channel "Russia".The diseaseOn new year's race Elena G. I forgot about their own health. After another sweaty concert artist popped backstage at the draft, where it is greatly lost. The very next day she fell ill with a high fever. First, Elena Grigorievna tried to treat shock by means of antibiotics, but they did not help, then had to turn to homeopathy, but it is to no avail.- Elena terribly ill, - has shared with "Your DAY" spouse artist Yevgeny Petrosyan. Читать полностью -->

Baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky has won the hearts of Americans

Baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky has won the hearts of AmericansIn Washington with great success touring Dmitri Hvorostovsky. During the two hour concert of famous Russian baritone sang the song, which earned worldwide recognition.Sounded excerpts from operas, old Russian romances and popular songs by Soviet composers.Washington report correspondent of NTV Anton Wolski.What only epithets do not use American Newspapers when describing Dmitri Hvorostovsky: Elvis Presley in the Opera, Nureyev and Baryshnikov in one person. Hvorostovsky in the ballet not dance in America not emigrated, but it is partly true, given the level of popularity of the Russian singer.Tickets for the concert were sold out a few months ago. In the audience were mostly Russian immigrants. This is for them a concert called "To Russia with love".Dirty Hvorostovsky, people's artist of Russia: "This concert is a journey through different genres of Russian music".The two-hour concert spans several centuries of Russian history. From Church music to Soviet songs Pakhmutova. Читать полностью -->

Alex Castro was discovered porn past

Alex Castro was discovered porn pastThe participant of the show "American gladiators" (American Gladiators) on behalf of the Police (Militia) in the past cooperated with famous gay porn video company COLT Studio.As reported by portal Rod 2.0: "Alex Castro to Alex Castro), one of the "gladiators" of NBC, it was discovered porn past. According to officially unconfirmed information Alex starred at COLT Studio under the name Elian Cortez (tel Cortez)".The producers of "American gladiators" has been very controversial explanation for Alex's past work: "it Seems that the COLT he just posed naked and took no part in the movies". Not quite. Alex Castro has starred in several films, although not movies COLT, and he was shot there solo.It is worth noting that the producers of the show give a link to pictures of COLT with this note: "For all the curious ladies - photos can be viewed here". And that, boys? Source: Alex Castro showed porn past. . Читать полностью -->

American woman accuses Paris Hilton of stealing her style

American woman accuses Paris Hilton of stealing her styleA California resident has filed a lawsuit against Paris Hilton for what she, in her view, "stole her style," according to never known Nicole o'neill accuses Paris of causing "mental suffering" and declares that she is the prototype of the image of the socialite. The plaintiff wants compensation for the damage of several billion dollars.In a strange suit, hand-written with many errors and filed in October in the court of Los Angeles, Nicole in particular claims that 26-year-old Paris Hilton stole her idea to buy in stores old-fashioned clothes. In a two-page document also says that Nicole had the idea publicly as if by chance to present their briefs.Officially Paris Hilton has not commented on filed a suit against her. Source: American woman accuses Paris Hilton of stealing her style. . . Читать полностью -->

Barbara Brylska not appreciated the talent Talyzina

Barbara Brylska not appreciated the talent TalyzinaAbout what colleagues in the film "Irony of fate" Valentina Talyzina and Barbara Brylska't really get along. Even after many years Valentina I. holds a grudge against the Polish actress.The main cause of the conflict is "ingratitude" Brylska. According to Talyzina, thanks to the voice of the heroine Barbara became what it was loved by millions of viewers. And in return, the Russian artist has not received even gratitude."I can't condemn the choice of the Director and especially Eldar Aleksandrovich - I love him too," says now Talyzina. "But you know, I once saw Annie Girardot approached the woman, her voice, hugged her and warmly thanked for the fact that she carried her heroine to a Russian audience. Читать полностью -->

First love Baskov told about the artist's life

First love Baskov told about the artist's lifeFamous singer Nikolai Baskov is now experiencing not the best times. His parting with his wife Svetlana Spiegel became available to the public and gave rise to many rumors.Now the personal life of the artist became more interesting subject for discussion.They say that in his youth, the future star of stage experienced unrequited love. The girl was in love with a schoolboy Kolya Baskov, and did not answer him. Perhaps it was then that the artist gave up on the high feelings.A girl named Tatiana is now happy with another man, and no regrets about that once fell in love with a classmate."In the second grade we got a new boy - unusual, funny like this and tried all cheering," says Tanya.- First, he showed children's attentions: to pour water, stupid joke. Once pushed me to the school door and I fell straight to the feet of the Director! Kolya me out of school to go home with him, carrying a briefcase. Another lamented that I live too close, convenient to carry. Читать полностью -->

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