Celentano celebrates 70th anniversary

Celentano celebrates 70th anniversaryWorld popular Italian singer and actor Adriano Celentano celebrates 70-year anniversary.He was born January 6, 1938 in the North of Milan in the working-class neighborhoods, but rather on the street a Glitch in the Apulian family of poor peasants. They came from the South in search of work and fortune. The family was friendly and very musical. Perhaps, Adriano was fond of music less than other, much more interesting it seemed to him, the teenager, the profession of watchmaker, which he possessed, working in the workshop of his uncle.On stage he got a chance. At first he acted as a parodist, then began to sing his own songs.In 1957 in Milan's Palace of sports "Ciacco" was held the first pan-Italian contest of rock-n-roll. Only a few dared to present to the jury and listeners of songs of his own. Читать полностью -->

Katya Guseva miraculously became a hostage at the Dubrovka

Katya Guseva miraculously became a hostage at the DubrovkaKatya Guseva lot in films, involved in TV projects. But despite being so active in the arts and in life, actress and now cannot do without pain to remember the terrible tragedy that occurred five years ago during the musical "Nord-OST"."In a day when there was the seizure of hostages in the Theatrical center on Dubrovka was just my turn to play in the musical "Nord-OST". By pure chance took the day off, and I wasn't on stage. Learning about the incident, I was sort of unconscious fear and shock went to the Center", - says the actress."I still hurt to remember about those events, though it's been five years. Experienced the horror changed my attitude to life. I realized that I need to live for today. Читать полностью -->

Igor Sklar talked about their future plans

Igor Sklar talked about their future plansFamous actor Igor Sklyar, the audience favorite ever since the movie "We are from jazz", December 18, marks its 50th anniversary. On the eve of the birthday of the actor in a candid interview, talked about the work, life and future plans.To celebrate the 50th anniversary of made lush feasts. Igor Sklyar this tradition will not. He has already invited more than 100 people. However, to drink with the guests for their own health the Sklar will not succeed.After the heart attack, the actor had to change his life. Spirits now he doesn't drink."Though I do not drink since then, suffered a heart attack," says Sklar. Читать полностью -->

Mental anguish Taisia Povaliy

Mental anguish Taisia PovaliyOld friend Nikolai Baskov Povaliy this fall, is experiencing an unprecedented upsurge of creative. Cost the artist to complete the work on one clip, as she took up another.Nicholas himself is also now focused on his own career. At least that's what the singer explained his departure from Moscow, and the parting with his wife Svetlana Spiegel. In Sunny Spain, the singer is going to do with Montserrat Caballe and record a new album.Friend the tenor Povaliy prefer creative activities to do at home. Last month the actress shoots for the second clip. And if the video for the song "May you be lucky in love" was shot in a warm Studio, for video for the song "the Former actress had frostbitten.The clip was filmed at night on a crowded street on the outskirts of Kiev. Читать полностью -->

Stotsky paid for a future in-law apartment renovation

Stotsky paid for a future in-law apartment renovationAnastasia Stotskaya did my future mother-in-law chic Christmas gift is fully paid for repairs in her one-bedroom flat.After receiving a tidy sum and a bottle of French perfume from future daughter-in-law, the mother of the civil Nastya's husband, actor Alexei Sekerina, was moved.- I have several years of doing this poor repair, " says Elena. - Now, then certainly will bring the apartment in order, so that was not ashamed to take of my son and his wife.She is now together with her lover and brother Paul mykovam ("Team") rest in Goa. Source: Stotsky paid for a future in-law apartment renovation. . . . Читать полностью -->

Misha Galustyan got in an accident

Misha Galustyan got in an accidentActor sketch show "Our Russia" Misha Galustyan recently had an accident. Misha was in such a hurry for the shooting of the show "Ice age" that I forgot about caution.The accident occurred in Moscow, on prospect Mira, reports the website of the newspaper "Arguments and facts". Mikhail Galustyan on your Audi TT car collided with the old Mazda auto.Fortunately, none of the participants of the incident were not injured. Machine Galustian and the other driver received minor injuries.According to preliminary data, the accident participants were able to come to a compromise without the intervention of the traffic police. Once the problem was resolved, Misha Galustyan hurried to the shooting of the "Ice age".This accident was not the first such incident in the history of filming the show. A month ago a party like the accident was Anastasia.Famous ballerina too late for the shootings, and the driver tried so hard to bring Anastasia in time, I'd made a mistake. Читать полностью -->

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