The group "Mirage" staged a lesbian Orgy

The group During the filming of the new video for the song "1000 stars" the soloist of group "the Mirage" Margarita Suhankina and Natalia gulkin made a real lesbian Orgy.On the set singers "pleasuring" several models. Half-naked girls, sexy curving in front of the camera, gently stroking Margarita and Natalia, embraced them, kissed. Singers shooting with naked girls very much.- This is my favorite doll - confessed "Z" Suhankina, hugging one of the half-naked beauties. - With such toys like to indulge. They lead me away! Source: the Group "Mirage" staged a lesbian Orgy. . Читать полностью -->

Star `Boomer` starred in hard erotica

Star `Boomer` starred in hard erotica Sergey Gorobchenko, which became popular after the role of the gangster's Petit Frame in the movie "Boomer", abruptly changed roles and appeared in an erotic film.And I have to say, not in vain! No wonder the bandits called hero Gorobchenko in the "Boomer" "Plowman-trahere".It is nicknamed the actor confirmed in the new movie. Explicit scenes Serezha turned incendiary.Roller, on which the popular actor Sergey Gorobchenko dance Striptease in the night club and having sex in different positions - first with one and then with another woman, very impressive. The sex scenes are accompanied by the approving cheers of participants, type: "Yeah, come on, baby, come on." This is footage from the film the Moscow gigolo", which will be shown in cinemas in February.A film about a gigolo, of course, is replete with bed scenes. During the filming of "otkrovenny" spent a lot of time, because in the story the hero Gorobchenko women often changed. In one of these episodes partner Sergey sexy actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya...StripteaseFor the new role Sergey had to learn to strip. This art Pete Frame was given with great difficulty. Читать полностью -->

Mother Princess Diana was considered the daughter of a whore

Mother Princess Diana was considered the daughter of a whoreIn the UK there is an ongoing process in the case of the death of Princess Diana. As told court the lady Di's Butler, Paul Burrell, mother of Princess Diana, Frances Shand-kydd, called her a "whore" because she "was confused with the vile Muslims.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Sergey Zverev had an Orgy with Timothy (photos, video)

Sergey Zverev had an Orgy with Timothy (photos, video)Stylist and TV presenter Sergei Zverev, who became famous for his outrageous behavior on the set of new reality show MTV's "Star in a cube" appended to their outrages Verka Serduchka and Timothy.Feeding the majority of the champagne, Zverev had her sit on the floor and wished that next year she was definitely sexual life, and then switched to the "mother" artist:- Mom, the stars say that you are weak on the front end!- Weak, weak... But I have menopause! "pleaded mom.Serdyuchka so enthusiastic sex games stylist, he grabbed his assistant's Sexy Les, pulled up her skirt and pulled the panties... Champagne clouded the minds of the great actress, and she admitted:- Actually I don't Verka, and the hound of the Baskervilles! And I give birth to puppies. Incidentally, I was pregnant from Injun Joe's twice already! But my mom forbade me to give birth...Zverev gave a Serduchka fashionable underwear-g-strings, and put them on her head. Burke responded to the gift very rapidly:- Oh, it's n...n! I think this gift would have liked to Valery Leontiev.TimatiFor rapper Timati flamboyant stylist has prepared quite an unexpected surprise - a rubber doll. The same artificial girlfriend Zverev made himself, and together with the rapper they showed each other postures, which they like to have sex. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev predicted Kirkorov future

Pugachev predicted Kirkorov futureIn the Christmas holidays, which begin on Christmas day and ends on Epiphany, in Russia always was made to wonder and learn his fate.Many people are now trying to look to the future in these days, and someone the gift of foretelling given above and not dependent on a specific period.Thus, the famous singer Alla Pugacheva not once had a presentiment of trouble and save their loved ones from disaster.So, once intuition Alla Borisovna has saved Kristina Orbakaite and Boris Moiseyev from a terrible fate.The case occurred in the summer in Sochi. Christina was a little girl and while her mother was away, remained in the care of Boris Moiseev. They were offered to go on a cruise on the ship "Admiral Nakhimov"."Called Alla, and she suddenly sharply: "go Back to Moscow. No trips!" Christina is very upset. And suddenly on the same night we learn that crashed!" "recalls Moses.Here Philip Kirkorov, Alla Pugacheva once saved from disaster, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The singer was supposed to fly to America, but Pugachev suddenly felt something and asked to postpone the trip. Читать полностью -->

The film `Titanic` is 10 years old

The film `Titanic` is 10 years oldCelebrate 10 years of the most profitable film in the history of cinema. The premiere of the film "Titanic" Director James Cameron box office receipts amounted to more than $ 1.8 billion, was held on 19 December 1997 in the USA.According to film critic and culture expert, Director of the Russian Institute of Culturology of Cyril raslogov, the film marked a turning point in the history of cinematography. He showed that mixing genres can use no less success with the audience than a traditional movie. In the early days of rental people around the world lined up in long queues to see the picture. The film remained in the rental record time from 19 December 1997 to 25 September 1998.Mixing genres disaster movie and melodrama gave an unexpected result, said RIA "Novosti". "For a 12% increase in cinema attendance in Europe. Читать полностью -->

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