Died in Moscow renowned cardiac surgeon Valery Shumakov

Died in Moscow renowned cardiac surgeon Valery ShumakovRenowned cardiac surgeon Valery Shumakov died at about 4:00 on Sunday.Shumakov was born in 1931, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Hero of socialist labor, academician, head of the Institute of Transplantology and artificial organs.His death was reported by "Interfax" a source in medical circles of the capital.Shumakov, one of the founders of the Russian clinical transplantation, for the first time in the USSR successfully underwent heart, liver and pancreas, as well as two-stage heart transplant. He is the Creator of the science of artificial organs, temporarily replaces the impaired function of vital organs.A funeral service and a memorial service will be held in the auditorium of the research Institute of Transplantology Tuesday, January 29 from 08:00 GMT. Source: died In Moscow renowned cardiac surgeon Valery Shumakov. . . . Читать полностью -->

Maksim relieve extreme clip

Maksim relieve extreme clipCorrespondents of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" came in "city Park", where she was scheduled concert of Maksim, two hours before performances. At the entrance on the street huddled together two dozen frozen fans and admirers of flowers.They were not afraid of the wind and disgusting rain and first came to the concert hall "city Park".- Some three hours worth! - raising of hands in the guards.Stiff fans soon, however, let alone in the heat.The stage is still empty "city Park" came a female voice. It was, then there was Mack. Artist, utalises a sleeveless jacket with a hood, were sung and set up the equipment. Before the press conference, representatives of the singer sternly asked journalists to produce identification.- They say her guard just a beast, " whispered someone.Maxim left to journalists and sat on the couch cross-legged.- Are you frustrated that your songs youth puts for calls to mobile phones?- When in Moscow on "Muz-TV" was awarded the prize "Ringtone of the year", I closed my face with her hands and said, "not me." To be a singer ringtones, of course, is not wanted. But then, on reflection, I thought that my songs are coming from mobiles for youth - not so bad. Читать полностью -->

Tsekalo has taken as his wife the sister of Vera Brezhneva

Tsekalo has taken as his wife the sister of Vera BrezhnevaThe beloved 47-year-old presenter and showman was the younger sister of the former soloist of group "VIA Gra" Vika galuЕЎka (this surname is of Faith).Perhaps that is why Alexander and carefully hides wife, not wanting the audience to know that he has affinity with blonde. Seeing public life sisters, Vika didn't want her own fate became known to the public. But, as they say, murder will out.With 23-year-old Victoria Alexander Galushka met at a fashion show, "Blonde", which had a close friend of Vera Brezhneva and famous Ukrainian designer Olga navrotskaya. She and Vic worked as an assistant until, until it moved to Moscow.SisterWhen the soloist of the popular group went up the hill, she relocated the family from the Ukrainian province in Kiev. And that little sister is not bored and did not sit without work, Brezhnev Nawrocki asked to arrange Vick to his assistant. To deny her friend the fashion designer and stylist could not.Vic worked with me on many clips, - says Olga. Читать полностью -->


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