Pocket dogs stars more popular than their mistresses

Pocket dogs stars more popular than their mistresses It seems that Hollywood has absorbed new fashion. Now no self-respecting star simply will not be released without such important accessory, as... pocket dog.Recently small dogs are a separate population of California. They live in the best houses of Beverly hills and got used to the flashes of cameras. Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, demi Moore never leave their four-legged friends. Also in star homes meet more rare animals: Paris Hilton, the owner of three Chihuahuas, got himself and the monkey Brigitte Bardot, and a favorite of the late George Clooney pig Max was no less popular than the actor himself. Читать полностью -->

Daniel Radcliffe became the hero of the record books

Daniel Radcliffe became the hero of the record booksThe Director of the College in Coimbatore (India) wrote a book called, consisting of 1022 words and 4805 letters, written without spaces.The book, the hero of which was actor Daniel Radcliffe, who became famous thanks to the execution of the main roles in five films based on the series of novels by J. K. Rowling about Harry Potter, aspires to become the first book about Hollywood character, written by an Indian, reports ANI.Speaking about the reasons for writing the book, Dr. Subramanian, writer and Director of the College of science and art in Karamadai, located 25 km from Coimbatore, said that his book has the longest title ever written. "We set a record. I wrote a book with the longest title that contains 1022 words. Читать полностью -->

Tara Reid decided to sober

Tara Reid decided to sober Actress and brawler Tara Reid (Tara Reid) many times the paparazzi caught drunk! This time the photographers had more luck! They caught Tara while she was walking home from the supermarket, in the hand she clearly sees a bottle of beer.And the thing is that Tara Reid the night before had a great time at one of the clubs of Vancouver. Apparently, the actress recalled the good old sober! Further you can see the scandalous photos of Tara Reid (Tara Reid). Source: Tara Reid decided to sober (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Tarzan modifies the Queen of blonde

Tarzan modifies the Queen of blondeA pair of Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko, better known as Tarzan, is always in the spotlight. About family relationships spouse walks a lot of rumors, especially yourself Natasha and Sergei give enough grounds for gossip.Recently in the secular parties say that Tarzan is tired of the hardships of family life, like to spend time in the company of charming blonde named Yana, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".As reported by an anonymous "well-wishers", sexy girl alleged secret lover of Tarzan. With him she worked in the program "Sex with Mail Chekhova".By the way, the rumor about the existence of the mysterious life of Sergey blonde appeared before. This discovery was made by the psychics from the popular program. Not knowing who actually owned the apartment, in the house of the Queen, and Tarzan they saw the blonde.The Queen then took it calmly. "He likes brunettes and not blondes," she said. Читать полностью -->

Anna Kournikova dreams of becoming a homewrecker

Anna Kournikova dreams of becoming a homewreckerIn the past tennis star Anna Kournikova and have not found a decent application and antsy from idleness. Main occupation Kournikova - socialite - expects to demonstrate at the beach bikini and go out with fiancГ© Enrique Iglesias.Anna dreams of creative work.After a career in tennis four years have passed, during this time, the Russian didn't do anything, except what he practised himself, and lived in pleasure, but her idleness bored, and Anna decided to start a new career. The girl decided to try herself in the film industry and start with small roles in serials.As it became known, Kournikova was offered a small role in the TV series "Sex and the city". By role, Kournikova will play the frivolous rich and the secular lioness who is only busy with attending fashion shows, the best restaurants and discotheques, and in his spare time plays tennis.Practically, Kournikova played herself, only in a scenario it will be American and will lead one of four girlfriends man. Who will be the victim of the charms of the heroine Kournikova is still unknown. Rumor has it that her character whacks the guy at the sexiest heroine of "Sex and the city" Samantha, which plays in the soap Opera Kim cattrall. Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Stotskaya pregnant

Anastasia Stotskaya pregnantSinger Anastasia Stotskaya after the last trip to Paris fairly plumper. Nastia, despite the fact that she loves to eat, for a long time managed to keep the figure by the green and protein grapefruit diet.But the other day at one of the events it was possible to notice that the singer is recovering in his eyes. Nastia is rounded tummy, and even secular parties she indulged in food, the newspaper "Your day". . . . Читать полностью -->

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