The list of the richest sportsmen

The list of the richest sportsmenTennis player Maria Sharapova for the third time in a row topped the list of the richest sportsmen of Russia according to the magazine "Finance".The list includes athletes whose income in 2007 amounted to more than $ 1 million. 20-year-old Sharapova for the year earned $ 25 million, ahead of the nearest pursuer by almost half. The second position is located basketball Utah jazz Andrei Kirilenko, who earned a season 13.7 million. Rounded out the top three goalkeeper of club of National hockey League (NHL) Chicago's Nikolai Khabibulin from 6.8 million.Overall, among the fifty most wealthy sportsmen consisted of 35 players, speakers both in the NHL and the Russian League.Marked in the list with six players, the richest of which was a Zenit player Andrei Arshavin, who took 16 th place with an annual income of $ 3.7 million. Behind it there is a charge of CSKA Sergey Ignashevich (36th place, 2 million), Alexander Kerzhakov from the Spanish "Seville" (37th place, 2 million), the Spartacist Egor Titov (39th place, 2 million), Zenit's Pavel Pogrebnyak (41st place, a 1.8 million), Alesya Smertin from Fulham (47th place, 1.5 million).In addition to Sharapova, more than one million dollars in the year earned three more players - Svetlana Kuznetsova (29th place, 2.3 million), Nikolay Davydenko (32nd place, 2.1 million) and Anna Chakvetadze (50 place, 1.4 million).The company Kirilenko amounted basketball players Jon Robert Holden of CSKA (30th place, 2.2 million) and Viktor Khryapa from Chicago bulls (40th place, 1.9 million).From boxers to the list of "Finance" were only two - Sultan Ibragimov (13th place, 4 million) and Nikolay Valuev (25th place, 2.5 million).The income of the athletes was assessed by two main sources: sport (revenues from contracts for athletes playing sports and prize money for the others) and advertising. When calculating income from the sport was not taken into account bonuses and premiums, tax payments, reports RIA "Novosti". Читать полностью -->

Melanie brown was beaten by her husband

Melanie brown was beaten by her husbandMelanie brown health problems. The girl managed to pick up an eye infection, now my eyes are swollen and can hardly see. I hope Mel b is not lying to us, and it's not the husband put to her hands.Having overcome the disease, the girl managed to take part in the American version of the show "dancing with the stars". The judges were impressed and gave her the highest score. And here is the winner of the Mel stares at the podium, hoping to see their allies on the Spice Girls and did not see any peppercorns. And not an infection is to blame, none of the girls did not deign to come and support Melanie in her hour in such a complicated case. Читать полностью -->

The Karachentsov again came to the emergency room

The Karachentsov again came to the emergency roomFamous actor Nikolai Karachentsov again came to the emergency room. On Thursday, the actor became ill, and his wife Lyudmila purgina immediately called the brigade of "first aid". Arrived doctors assessed the state of the actor as critical.Nikolai Petrovich was immediately taken to the Sklifosovsky Institute. Specialists immediately sent Karachentsov in neuroregeneration, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".On the current state Karachentsov is little known. He had a seizure and now the doctors are doing everything possible to help the eminent patient. However, to give any forecasts, doctors can't yet.Near Nikolai Petrovich now, as always, his wife Lyudmila purgina. Читать полностью -->

The daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky stole the car

The daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky stole the carThe young actress Liza Boyarskaya, the daughter of a famous actor Mikhail Boyarsky, stole a car in St. Petersburg.The girl left his Honda Civic near the Maly drama theatre in the Earl's lane, where recent works. The car was left unattended on a day, when Lisa came back, he was gone.The mistress to go to the police could not, and the statement in 28 Central division of the police Department gave her famous father.While searching for the attacker and the missing cars to no avail. The machine is estimated at about 26 thousand dollars. Source: daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky stole the car. . Читать полностью -->

Jolie doesn't want to wear donated by pitt ring

Jolie doesn't want to wear donated by pitt ringTrue freedom-loving Angie refused to wear a gift to a loved one on the wedding ring ring finger, wearing the decoration on average neutral.Precious ring was presented to Jolie on January 8, the birthday of the Ethiopian Zahara - daughter pair. "Angelina was so depressed all the days to the holiday - shared pitt, and I decided thus to hearten, to cheer her fighting spirit!" Source: Jolie doesn't want to wear donated by pitt ring. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Basque prefers not to meet with his wife

Basque prefers not to meet with his wife"Golden voice of Russia" to avoid contact with is still the lawful wife Svetlana not only in everyday life but also in public.Nicholas did not appear at the ceremony of awarding the prize in one of the glossy magazines, knowing that there and invited his wife.But Svetlana Spiegel attended as a guest and felt in his new status very comfortable and confident. However, questions about his personal life forced the Light to be nervous and lost - to the increased attention to the person she is still not used.What could be said about the stars invited to the ceremony called "vanity Fair", the newspaper "Your day".Maxim Galkin has been reported in the category "everything I want" for a couple with his "victim" Renata Litvinova. Maxim, which is not without pleasure is a parody of the actress, was delighted to have a personal meeting with Renata, and especially the fact that they had prepared one table.- Renata, what a nice meeting, did not expect that we will sit at the same table, is a loss, greeted Galkin Litvinov.Actress cute smile, but throughout the evening he preferred to communicate with Zemfira on the phone and chat with her SMS.Dima Bilan with the female manifestations of the infinite love encountered already at the entrance - traces from the kiss for a long time adorned on his face. The singer wasn't nominated, but the winner of numerous awards not too upset from what another award passed by him.But pregnant "tattoo" Yulia Volkova did not miss the opportunity to get the award. Her and Lena Katina recognized as the best group of the year. Despite the fact that it is about to give birth to a son, Julia continues to lead an active lifestyle, which often quarrels with her lover - Parviz. Читать полностью -->

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