Olga Kabo is unable to cope with her daughter

Olga Kabo is unable to cope with her daughterActress Olga Kabo your house calls an island of tranquility and happiness. But, as it turned out, even at home, the actress has serious problems. They concern mainly the education of her daughter Tatiana.In a recent candid interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets", the actress shared her thoughts about working in theatre, film and television projects, and has also agreed to talk about her family."Well, home is what I live for," says Cabo. An island of peace and happiness absolute confidence. I rush home, I miss home. Although raging daughter and we are always in some emotional relationship with her...". Читать полностью -->

Death and suicide: the events of the stars of the outgoing year

Death and suicide: the events of the stars of the outgoing year People magazine publishes a selection of the outgoing events of 2007, which shocked the audience: from the death of Anna Nicole Smith to populace bald Britney Spears.The Death Of Anna Nicole Smith39-year-old actress and model was found dead on 8 February in the Florida room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. After her death, the media was intensively discussed the cause of sudden death. Rumors that the star and her son, who died last year, was killed. A month later, published a report stating that Smith died of a drug overdose prescribed her pain medication, which she took along with sleeping pills.Then a few months went on trial in connection with the custody of the little daughter Smith Danilin. Only in April, the examination revealed the girl's father. After a closed hearing in the city of Nassau in the Bahamas forensic expert said that according to DNA test the biological father Dannielynn is a former model boyfriend, photographer Larry Birkhead.Wrestler Chris Benoit killed his family and himselfThe famous American champion wrestling Chris Benoit was found dead in June at his home in Fayetteville, Georgia with his wife and son. Читать полностью -->

Neighbor beat lover Lada Dance

Neighbor beat lover Lada DanceFamous singer Lada Dance for some time is in constant fear: the owner of the neighboring houses in the village Podushkino - 37-summer Alexey Copalquin because of a dispute over the division of the earth is threatening to send her to the light.The singer caught up to his house builders, who has built a new fence. Because of what Alex was left without the ability to drive to the house. He has addressed in militia with the statement. Here's an extract from it: "My neighbor Lada E. Volkov (this is the real name of the singer. - Approx. Читать полностью -->

Faith Glagoleva was taken to hospital in ambulance

Faith Glagoleva was taken to hospital in ambulanceThursday night, the famous actress Vera Glagoleva was urgently taken to one of the elite Metropolitan hospitals. The actress was pale and looked very worried.Doctors are not immediately able to understand what happened with a famous patient. Within the hour Glagoleva examined, trying to find out the cause of the ailment with the help of computer tomography.51-year-old actress presented the readings, and the specialists gave the necessary comments. Fortunately, nothing dangerous doctors found, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets. It turned out, Glagoleva normal for a person her age a set of abnormalities in the digestive tract and heart.Vera Glagoleva was given the necessary assistance, after which the actress was allowed to go home. The doctors advised the patient to engage in their health and as a preventive measures to eliminate from the diet of fatty and spicy food.By the way, January 31, Glagoleva will celebrate his next birthday, so wrote down the artist with wishes of happiness and prosperity.In General, the emergency hospitalizations representatives of the acting profession in the recent increase. Читать полностью -->

The great-grandson of Churchill received a prison term for drugs

The great-grandson of Churchill received a prison term for drugsThe great-grandson of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sentenced to three years imprisonment on Thursday. 34-year-old Nicholas Jake Barton would be served in an Australian prison sentence for drug trafficking.Barton was arrested at his Sydney apartment in June 2006. In November of this year he pleaded guilty.House in Burton were found 250 thousand ecstasy pills, 12 kg of MDMA powder (methylenedioxyamphetamine) from which they are made and the equipment for manufacture of tablets. However, judge Colin Charteris admitted Barton only one of the members of the group engaged in the supply of ecstasy, reports ГазетаRu.In passing sentence, the judge emphasized that the defendant's family ties with the "hero of the twentieth century do not affect the sentence, which I must bear." Source: Churchill's great-Grandson took the rap for the drugs. . . Читать полностью -->

Jack Nicholson is pissed needlessness

Jack Nicholson is pissed needlessnessJack Nicholson assures us, if it does not work that Heath Ledger plays in the new "Batman" the Joker - the role that made Jack among the masses in the very first "Batman" in 1989 and brought fabulous profits from the rental.Don't know whether he was joking, or not, but when the old guy asked what he thinks of the Ledger, the answer was: "I'm furious. In fury. (laughs) I've never been asked to do a sequel with the Joker - and I know how to play! And I didn't ask, that's all. Maybe rightly so, but I'm still in a rage".Jack doubted that he even wanted to see Heath Ledger in the new movie, which will be released in the summer. Poor Ledger - so get. Source: Jack Nicholson pissed needlessness. Читать полностью -->

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