Depraved Paris Hilton overdone with makeup

Depraved Paris Hilton overdone with makeup Paris Hilton is not only the most famous of all descendants of a hotel magnate, but the best resourced.It has its reality shows, acting in movies, sings and produces under the brand of his name various products - from spirits to champagne and books. Source: Depraved Paris Hilton overdone with makeup (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

About the legendary scientist Einstein the movie

About the legendary scientist Einstein the movieStudio Hero Pictures has acquired the rights to the biography of albert Einstein, written by journalist Roger Highfield and Paul Carter.The Private Lives of Albert Einstein tells the story of the personal life of the legendary scientist, since his youth, first steps on the path to glory, and until the most recent days.Albert Einstein was one of the founders of modern physical theory; the Creator of the special and General theories of relativity; Nobel prize in physics in 1921. Discovered the law of the relationship of mass and energy - the famous formula E=mc². In the 30 years he emigrated from Germany to the USA and later in protest against national socialism renounced German citizenship and resigned from the Prussian and Bavarian academies of Sciences. Also opposed the war, in the 1940s and against the use of nuclear weapons. In 1940 he signed a letter to the U.S. President about the danger of the atomic bomb.The appearance of albert Einstein, in adulthood, usually appearing in a simple sweater with her hair disheveled, adopted as a basis for the image of the "mad scientists" and "forgetful professors" in popular culture. Читать полностью -->

The forgotten sex-a symbol of the USSR about the role of dreams

The forgotten sex-a symbol of the USSR about the role of dreamsSpeaking at the festival of Comedy in Astrakhan, the actress admitted that she really wants to act in films, but the Directors do not invite her.- I do not name is now in the movies. I do music and live on those funds that earn their songs. So now I'm more a singer than an actress.- That you, Maximus, why don't you shoot me? Get me down! - snatched Elena young Director Maxim Voronkov, whom he met backstage. Seeing the ageless actress, Director crumbled compliments, however, a direct answer was evaded. Source: Forgotten sex-a symbol of the USSR about the role of dreams. . Читать полностью -->

Jessica of Biel grabbed my butt cheeks

Jessica of Biel grabbed my butt cheeks The confusion happened during a football match on which Justin Timberlake came with a friend to cheer for your favorite team. Jessica already doing yoga and Jogging to keep myself in good shape.Learning to play Golf to make Justin's company on the field. And now - a joint campaign on the football!However, while keen on watching the game Justin never took his eyes off the football field, unknown to Jessica's friend is probably being too impressed by the match - gently stroked the actress on the convex butt.Naturally, the scene appeared in the lens of the photographer, and then spread through all sorts of sites with a single question - "What was that ?". . . . Читать полностью -->

Titov: Play `Dynamo` is a disgrace

Titov: Play `Dynamo` is a disgraceThe leader of the Moscow "Spartak" Egor Titov said that the defeat against FC Dynamo Kyiv hurt his vanity.Most of Yegor resent the fact that red-white gave the team, at the helm of which stands Yuri Semin.I don't want to find any excuses, " admitted a frustrated captain. - If our opponents headed by Yuri Semin, the match automatically becomes fundamental. We Pavlovich old scores. (Laughs.) And believe me, we really wanted to beat his new charges. It is a pity that everything ended well.ChancesUnfortunately, the chances of making it to the final, we are almost there, " continued the 31-year-old. - The team of Yuri Pavlovich left us behind. Читать полностью -->

Radio `Alla` unknown song spins Nasyrov

Radio `Alla` unknown song spins NasyrovDiva put on the air of his radio station song Murat Nasyrov, which the singer wrote shortly before his death. On the eve of the mysterious death of Murat gave Alla Borisovna promotional CD of his new song "Only one you".- Murat said that the song is very much the diva, " says the widow of singer Natalia Boyko. Her assessment was very important. He sincerely believed that this song will be back on the top of the charts, but the tragic death of Murat crossed all these plans.After the death Nasyrov song was kept in the archive of the wife, and when she suddenly sounded on the radio "Alla" it was a real surprise for friends and relatives of Murat.SongAll of 2006 Murat Nasyrov was preparing to release his new album. However, publish it not in time.According to the decision of the family Council Nasyrovyh after the death of the singer right on all tracks was inherited by his son Governor and daughter Leah, guardian admitting Natalia Boyko, wife of Murat. Now she is preparing to publish a posthumous album Nasyrov.Disc is still in operation, and when a song from this album came on air of radio "Alla", I was pleasantly surprised, " says Natasha. Читать полностью -->

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