Singer Bjork attacked a photographer at the airport

Singer Bjork attacked a photographer at the airport Icelandic pop star Bjork in New Zealand beat up the photographer. The singer, who arrived on Sunday at Auckland international airport, was clearly object to be photographed, AFP reports citing the New Zealand Herald.The newspaper photographer Glenn Jeffrey says: "I took a few photos, and when he turned and started to leave, she came up behind me, grabbed me by the shirt and pulled down. The man who was with Bjork, asked her not to."By doing so, she fell to the ground. I didn't touch her and haven't spoken to her," added the photographer. As a result his shirt was torn in half.Singer, who is due to speak at a music festival in Auckland on Friday, during the incident said nothing. The photographer went to the police, saying that attacking the media is unacceptable.In 1996, bjГ¶rk has already attacked the reporter. Читать полностью -->

Pamela Anderson is pregnant

Pamela Anderson is pregnantAs it became known to the website TMZ, Pamela Anderson is in an interesting position. However, the good news didn't stop her from wanting to divorce Rick Salomon.Recall, the couple got married in Las Vegas on 6 October 2007, and in December, pam filed for divorce. The reason for the termination of relations 40 years "spasatelnitsa Malibu called insurmountable differences in the characters. After that, according to rumors, the actress a few times then picked up the documents, it was again determined, however, after the New year wanting a divorce it finally matured. Himself Rick, known to the public for candid video with his ex-podrujkoi Paris Hilton says that they do not take seriously this divorce process. He admitted to friends that the reason for the crazy behavior of his beloved - pregnancy.For Pamela Anderson this was the third attempt of the family to find happiness, reminds utray. Читать полностью -->

Serdyuchka now for free riding in the bus

Serdyuchka now for free riding in the busPower Poltava allowed Verka Serduchka the free ride on the trolley and drop conductors.Congratulating the showman Andrey Danilko with the rank of "Honorary citizen of Poltava, the mayor Andriy Matkovsky was profuse in her thanks, the newspaper "Your day".- Danilko glorified Poltava in the whole world! "he said, and to celebrate, artist gave special privileges. He is now able to walk freely in the city Council, is free to travel in public transport, but if he doesn't love the work of the conductor, then planted.- I am very pleased to receive this honorary title, given that the last award I received at the camp, " said the artist. - I always wanted a free ride on the trolley and envied the conductor, considering him the most important person sitting on the "fat". Source: Serduchka now for free riding in the bus. . . Читать полностью -->

`Crocodile hunter` immortalized on a stamp

`Crocodile hunter` immortalized on a stampAustralian TV presenter and animal advocate "crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, who died a year ago, was immortalized on a postage stamp, AFP reports.The stamp was issued by mail Australia together with the magazine New Idea. In September, the editors decided to ask readers who they would like to see on stamps, and the vast majority chose "the crocodile Hunter".Mark, which depicts Steve, his daughter Bindi, son Bob and snake, went on sale on 5 November, and the fare is 50 Australian cents. All proceeds from the sale of these stamps will be sent in created by Irwin charity Foundation for the protection of wildlife Wildlife Warriors.44-year-old Steve Irwin, the author of the popular documentary films about nature, died on 4 September 2006 while filming near the Great barrier reef. Electric Stingray stabbed him in the chest with a spike on the tail and hit her in the heart. Source: "the crocodile Hunter", was immortalized on a stamp. . Читать полностью -->

`Rambo` can avoid the `monster` in the rental USA

`Rambo` can avoid the `monster` in the rental USAIn the coming weekend U.S. box office expects serious passions: to the already existing strong paintings will add four new competitor, with the nominees for the "Oscar".The film "Cloverfield" Paramount continues to show good results and may again claim the top spot. However, it is not clear whether the tape is lost after the first week half of his audience to remain competitive among the abundance of strong Prime Minister this week, reports Reuters.The romantic Comedy "27 dresses", held last week in second place, should, under forecasts of experts, to add to your Fund. I wonder if after their girlfriends to watch the film for the second weekend men. Last weekend, 75% of the audience of the painting was female.Picture Of Warner Bros. with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman "Until he kicked the bucket" shows a surprisingly strong position. Читать полностью -->

Vera Brezhnev back in `VIA gra`

Vera Brezhnev back in `VIA gra`Beauty blonde after three months of absence in the group decided to get back into the team. Having tasted all the delights of family life, she decided that it was to be a famous singer so much more attractive than a housewife.Ceremony TOP X SEXY Faith came together with another lead singer of the Albina Dzhanabaeva. Girls as if never parted: they were also, as usual, smiling, friendly and rather naked. Brezhnev drew his firm abdomen, and Albina - graceful back. Noticing the doors of the nightclub, ex-soloist of "VIA gra", guests were muttering about accomplished the return of the singer in the band.- As you can see, I'm back with the group, smiling sweetly, said the entire evening on a single question Brezhnev. "I am pleased that we are together again on such a good party.FamilyAccording to the Faith, neither of which solo career until she thinks. Читать полностью -->

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