Katya Ogonek will be buried in Moscow

Katya Ogonek will be buried in MoscowThe burial place of the performer the "thieves" song of Katya Ogonek has not been determined, but they will most likely not her home town of Dzhubga (Krasnodar region). About Krasnodar correspondent of IA REGNUM informed the relatives of the deceased."As a child Christina moved with her family to Kislovodsk, and from there to Moscow. After moving to her home town not often seen. Therefore, it is unlikely to be buried here. Most likely, it will happen in Moscow, where she lived for 16 years", - said the Agency interlocutor.According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", bury the singer at the Archangel cemetery.Christina Pozharsky, known to listeners of radio "Chanson" and fans of the genre as Katya Ogonek. Other names under which it knew the audience and the producers, Cristina Pinchasov, Kristina Bogdanov, Masha Sha. Читать полностью -->

Zhanna Friske shocked Nagiyev failure

Zhanna Friske shocked Nagiyev failureImposing Dmitry Nagiyev always liked women. No secret that girls often achieve reciprocity from him.Usually Charmer yourself hung up on him, and Dmitri was not prepared for the possibility that any person will suddenly ignore his attention. As if caught on the "hook", Nagiyev was openly care of unapproachable beauty, whose name everyone knows. Zhanna Friske as if bewitched the king of glamour. Behind the scenes of the filming of "Christmas lights" stars do not hide mutual sympathy and cooing like lovebirds. To find out whether they have as gossip, sparked by an affair, we went to the shooting, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Actually to resist the fatal beauty, the most famous "witch" of our film Zhanna Friske, perhaps, will not be able 007. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton captured in Moscow lover

Paris Hilton captured in Moscow loverWorld famous scandalous blonde Paris Hilton arrived in Moscow to participate in one of the shows in the fashion Week. With a loving celebrity picked up a new boyfriend, 37 year old TV producer Jason Moore.Paris arrived in the capital almost behind her younger sister Nicky Hilton, who presented his collection at the Russian Fashion Week just over a week ago. But better known explosive and shocking Paris was invited to Moscow just as a model for a fashion show and even a very young designer.Despite the short visit, a brawler Hilton managed to show his star character: she settled in the most expensive hotel of Moscow in the presidential Suite of the cost of 6 thousand euros, which at the time, arriving in Russia, Madonna lived. Young Paris forced to be fidgety fairly organisers of her visit.DesignerThe basic requirement of socialites from around the world have become to an hour before boarding her plane at the airport Sheremetyevo-2 Parking and all the grounds around the hotel were completely cleared and there was not a single car. Tuple Paris consisted of three Mercedes with tinted Windows.Literally 10 minutes before the arrival of Paris Hilton to personally inspect cooked apartments and the hotel appeared a young fashion designer, at the invitation of the American star arrived in Russia.According to some reports, the arrival of star blondes in Moscow were treated to the organizers of two million dollars.When fragile and tall blonde Paris, surrounded by a cordon of protection, wearing sunglasses and a warm black coat entered the hotel, the girl designer was already waiting for her at the entrance. Usually capricious, Paris was acting surprisingly calm and friendly manner, politely shaking hands with the organizers and smiling sweetly. Читать полностью -->

Pugacheva can't sing live

Pugacheva can't sing liveAt a press conference dedicated to the presentation of the radio "Alla", which belongs to the Pugacheva, the diva admitted that he will not miss a single opportunity to make money, because she doesn't have enough money!Answering questions, trying to laugh it off, the singer couldn't hide the fatigue. In recent times, by his own admission, Alla Borisovna so exhausted that he decided to abandon the autumn tour.- My performance has really been Pugachev sighed and endured a long pause. - You know, when I go on tour, I'm going back to the 78 th year: a full house, the applause, the cheering, the excitement... But unfortunately... now If I tell you about health, you write that I die. I'm not dying! But you understand that I'm singing from the age of 16! To sing the concert live, I need to be silent for a month. Читать полностью -->

Blackmailer Tom cruise got 2 years in prison

Blackmailer Tom cruise got 2 years in prisonThe man who tried to extort Tom cruise $ 1.3 million in exchange for stolen wedding photos of actors Katie Holmes, was sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally.Mark Lewis Gittleman also was fined $ 3,000. He pleaded guilty that on September 21, 2007 committed theft of another's property, and then tried to blackmail the popular actor.Gittleman, computer technician, told the court that sincerely regretted what had happened.Because Gittleman conviction was not, then the attorney Hirsch was able to present his case as impulsive action, that is his ward stole, succumbing to a moment of weakness. The court and the prosecution not to oppose probation.Gittleman wrote a letter of apology to the lawyer of Tom cruise. The actor himself at trial, was not present.From the court documents reveal that Gettleman got thousands of photos from damaged hard disk that the photographer has brought to his Studio.Then the convict got in touch with David Hans Schmidt, known for the fact that he sells Nude-photos and videos where celebrities having sex. After that, Gittleman sent an email message to Cruz demanding from $ 1.3 million for what the photos will not be passed to Schmidt. Source: the Blackmailer Tom cruise got 2 years in prison. Читать полностью -->

Alika Smekhova gave birth to a boy

Alika Smekhova gave birth to a boyWe already wrote about the fact that the actress Alika Smekhova just about to become a mother. A joyful event in the life of the artist occurred on Thursday.In the clinic, the star of TV series "Balzac age, or All men are bast... delivered the day before. However, the actress wanted to attract less attention and asked the staff to keep her arrival a secret.In serveg Alyx underwent elective cesarean section, and was born a baby weighing 3 kg 460 grams and 50 cm. Immediately after surgery Smekhova sent to the intensive care unit, under the supervision of doctors she had to spend about a day, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".But the newborn was transferred from operating to the children's Department.As we already wrote, Alika long ago chose the name for the child, but he chose not to announce it only after giving birth. Now we know for sure: the second son of the actress was named Makar. Читать полностью -->

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