Abramovich does not change the habit of surprising people

Abramovich does not change the habit of surprising peopleOne of the most intriguing and controversial figures in the modern history of Russia Roman Abramovich. In the past year he has not changed his habit is to surprise and generate a lot of rumors.The divorce from his wife, an affair with a young model, the change of head coach of "Chelsea", the construction of a Grand amusement Park in the suburbs...The path to the NorthThe QUESTION of where did this man, who managed just a few years become one of the richest citizens of Russia, is not as simple as it seems... you Can look for the roots of the richness and power of Abramovich in the "dashing 90", it is possible to dump all connected in government circles. But the true roots of its history goes much further and deeper...In the fifteenth century, the Jews of Spain, fleeing from the persecution of the Inquisition of Pope innocent VIII, passed the whole of Europe. Some of them stayed in "Northern" lands East of Germany. Here, among the forests, abundant wildlife, nine Jewish families founded the village received from the residents of nearby villages called Tauroggen - in honor of the bulls tours, who lived in the area. Читать полностью -->

Orlando bloom's romance with Kate Hudson

Orlando bloom's romance with Kate HudsonAccording to rumors, Hollywood is brewing another stellar novel. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the main pirate dream factory Orlando bloom and one of the most charming Actresses Kate Hudson couldn't keep their hands off each other at a recent party.Guests gathered at a party organized by Kate in her California mansion could watch the couple enthusiastically chatted and kissed, never parting for a moment. Here is what one of the attendees that evening magazine OK!: "Kate and Orlando were talking, drinking and laughing. It was evident that they really enjoy each other's company. They didn't care who's watching and who thinks what. With all the guests they were talking like a couple". Читать полностью -->

Anzhelika Varum fades

Anzhelika Varum fadesIn the first Studio "Ostankino" Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum came to sing along with "manufacturers" Artem Ivanov and Natalya tomsovic lyrical ballad "Two roads".This time Varum decided not to shock the audience too blunt attire, however, it still surprised many.How did you learn the "GG", sight Angelica was troubled in the beginning of this year. However, eye problems appeared first her 7-year-old daughter Liza. The ophthalmic center in Miami, the doctors advised to limit the burden on the child's perspective, too, as it turns out, is deeply interested in computer "RPG" and "shooters". After going to the doctors Lisa allowed to sit in front of the screen no more than 15-20 minutes a day.Of course, Lisa is very upset, " says Varum. - But we with lionia her daughter's health is more important than her whims.Less than six months, as was the problem with the eyes of Angelica. Another trip to the doctors over the appearance on the nose of the singer points.-In the glasses ... Читать полностью -->

The boyar's daughter insulted, calling is futile

The boyar's daughter insulted, calling is futileIn a recent interview with Liza Boyarskaya told that in the childhood was completely indifferent to the cinema and theatre and become an actress didn't want to. And in eight years, Lisa returned a verdict of complete hopelessness.However, it was already about ballet. Daughter of Mikhail Boyarsky from a very young age, loved to dance, and so it was decided to give to a specialized school."With five years worked in the Studio, in the Anichkov Palace, we performed at various concerts, says Lisa. - Eight years in dad decided to send me to the Vaganova Academy. I studied there for a month on probation. Easter his shoes his feet in the blood, crying from the unbearable pain. Читать полностью -->

Julia Volkova held over her son circumcised

Julia Volkova held over her son circumcisedFor the singer, who had confessed to Dating with your loved one Christian faith, to decide on such a serious step was very hard. But she was not, because this condition has put parents Parviz.As it turned out the "Z" family of the young man demanded that sacred rite Sunnat held over the boy, named Sam, as soon as possible.Now my son is a true Muslim, says "tattoo". Now Sam feels great, eats well and is always smiling.However, a young mother shortly after the birth of her son refused to feed baby, thinking that a boy can grow on artificial feeding.I prioritize mixtures and various special cereals, " admits Julia. - I have a daughter and grew up on this food, and I think nothing wrong with that. Besides, I plan in the coming months to get back on stage, so breastfeeding would be very problematic if I have to go on tour. Source: Julia Volkova held over her son circumcised. Читать полностью -->

Gurchenko struck out from the life of the unborn child

Gurchenko struck out from the life of the unborn childFamous actress Lyudmila Gurchenko strongly against the birth of a grandson. Having learned that the granddaughter is waiting for the birth of the baby in January, the star stated categorically:I don't want this baby!The birth of the fourth generation in the family Gurchenko already on the nose. In winter it is expected the birth of a grandson (or great-granddaughter - a child's sex is not yet determined) the great actress from her only granddaughter Helena. She is the only representative of the third generation Gurchenko. Grandson Lyudmila Gurchenko mark died very young, before he could marry and have a child.That 22-year-old Elena is pregnant, famous grandma learned granddaughter when was only on the second month of pregnancy. Not happy about the news. Читать полностью -->

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