`Cadets` are afraid to be smug

`Cadets` are afraid to be smugAlthough the popular TV series "kadetstvo" still going on the screens, and end before December is not going to, but the last scene of the film already shot. It was a farewell March past graduates of the native school. In this episode, was attended by 120 people from the crowd.And the first of November shooting "Kadetstvo", for which CTC did the company Kinakantot", finally ended."Just a few days, and I'm not going to see your wonderful faces!" - said the young actors Director Sergei Arenov. But then admitted: "I partly disingenuous. This compare graduation at the school. When it's the last night, I wish it never ended".A year and a half side by side guys, almost all are still students, adult actors - Alexander Porokhovshchikov, Vladimir Steklov, Valery Barinov and others - and the crew has created one of the most successful youth series in recent years. Читать полностью -->

Named the top five `star` busts the planet

Named the top five `star` busts the planet We wrote a lot about the rest of celebrities and entertainment. And agree, sometimes you have to go to the most expensive resort, to see it all firsthand. After all, the world's best beaches can be considered as the winners of the next informal "competition".A British company producing lingerie decided to find out: who of female celebrities can boast of the most beautiful Breasts. The survey involved 1,000 women. The preference they gave Cheryl Cole - the soloist of the band Girls Aloud, and at the same time the wife of Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole.In second place was British model and actress Kelly brook is fond of filming in the Nude.It is followed by the famous American actress, Scarlett Johansson, according to the publication Day.To fourth respondents of the fair sex was determined Charlotte Church.And completes the list of the best busts wife of a famous footballer, Victoria Beckham. Source: Named a top five "star" busts the planet (photos). Читать полностью -->

Hollywood star attack of the clones

Hollywood star attack of the clones They say that everyone has a clone, and we often see it when we are confused. Well who would have thought that celebrities are so similar. And also celebrities. Small world! Look at twins who exactly were separated at birth.Source: the Hollywood star attack of the clones (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Listen got himself a sorry state

Listen got himself a sorry state The art Director and the main Director of Theatre of satire Alexander Shirvindt was hospitalized in one of the elite hospitals of the capital with acute circulatory failure.Popularly favorite actor 73-year-old Alexander became ill at home. In the morning he suffered a sharp pain in the heart region. Actor's wife Natalia offered her husband to call an ambulance, but he just waved and said, "Self-will".Gave me pills short lived relief and then the pain resumed with renewed vigor. By noon, the state of the stars of theatre and cinema has deteriorated sharply. The pain in the heart has a fever too. This time Natalia did not ask permission from her husband and she called an ambulance. Читать полностью -->

Striking writers USA write the script for a Grammy

Striking writers USA write the script for a GrammyStriking Hollywood writers have reported about the conclusion of the interim agreement with the organizers of the ceremony music awards Grammy. The Guild will allow Union members to participate in the work on the script of the award, reports Reuters.Last week, the American screenwriters Guild, which was composed of 10 thousand 500 strikers TV and I, announced the cancellation of the intention to picket the ceremony. Thus the statement made before, means that the festival will be held in a standard format with the participation of leading and guests, announcing the nominees and winners, and musicians performing their best songs."Professional musicians face the same problems as we do - they do not receive sufficient payment for the distribution of their works in new media, said the Guild in the official statement, adding that the decision was taken in order "to contribute to the achievement of a final agreement.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Sati Casanova spent my winter vacation in the mountains

Sati Casanova spent my winter vacation in the mountainsThe soloist of group "Factory" Sati Casanova of the winter spent in the mountains of Elbrus. There she not only rested, but also learned to downhill skiing. As it turned out, the girl has this extraordinary ability.For the first time Sati visited in the Elbrus region in the autumn. However, then the trip lasted only two days. But the singer was so impressed by the beauty of the Caucasus mountains that she decided at the first opportunity to return there again."Fabricante" was not only interested in the vacation, she wanted to learn to ski. To make their first descent Casanova wanted with the top of the mountain the valley, where all the main roads in this ski resort."I was looking forward to this trip, because it is among the Caucasian mountains I realized a lot about myself," says Sati.During the first visit, the singer met and became friends with local instructors in Alpine skiing. Читать полностью -->

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