Abramovich parted with Zhukova for money

Abramovich parted with Zhukova for moneyRoman Abramovich was never able to forgive Daria Zhukova expenses in the amount of 150 thousand euros and decided to part with malicious wasting.Despite the fact that at the end of August it seemed that the couple is all right - last time together, they were spotted at the concert Zemfira in honor of the birthday of the singer in the club "Orange", at the end of September, the businessman went to dissect the seas on his yacht one, reports Gloria Mundi.This Roman Abramovich gave another reason "evil tongues," to laugh at their "excessive frugality": "150 thousand for him, apparently, too much of a waste of two years of fellowship albeit with the woman", - reasoned secular gossip. Source: Abramovich parted with Zhukova for money. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Yagudin and Savelyev told about their feelings

Yagudin and Savelyev told about their feelingsRoman figure skater Alexei Yagudin, and singer Sasha Savelieva, ensuing during the filming of the project "Ice age", from the very beginning attracted the attention of the public.And here are the participants of a love story decided to openly talk about their feelings.According to Alexey, he immediately liked the beautiful Sasha. "Immediately thought: "wow! What a smart girl went to the ice!" recalls skater."I have a tender feeling for Suchecka woke up immediately," says Yagudin in an interview with the magazine "7 days". "But I didn't know how to approach her. I felt constant anxiety. Then we began gradually to correspond, the benefit of SMS is a unique invention of our time.". . Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton starred in a futuristic rock Opera

Paris Hilton starred in a futuristic rock OperaWithin a few months Paris Hilton was filmed in Canada in a futuristic rock Opera called "Repo! The genetic Opera".In the Opera we are talking about the Earth 2056, when after the worldwide epidemic of the human race stands on the verge of death, and survivors exist because of organ transplantation. Paris plays the daughter of a tycoon who made a fortune on the sale of organs, which, in turn, received a Hollywood actor Paul Sorvino, reports the Metro.Darren Lynn Bousman, which, incidentally, took a famous series of horror films called "Saw", even before starting work, stated that "the genetic Opera" will be even more brutal than "Saw". According to him, the role he watched about 30 Actresses, Paris immediately got a place in the musical because "her role is she".In the trailer socialite appears clad in glossy black suit "tamer", in a black wig, a corset with garters.It should be noted that sings Paris alone, and quite nice. In the clip and then flashed footage from the cemetery, scenes of sexual domination and dismemberment of corpses. Source: Paris Hilton starred in a futuristic rock Opera. . Читать полностью -->

Scandalous `mouse` jodie foster

Scandalous `mouse` jodie foster Unlike other Hollywood stars, she keeps her personal life private. It is rarely in the light, not coming to the phone. 't see her much in the company of men, and almost never gossip about her love Affairs.However, once in 1997 he published a book "foster Child", things have changed - the world has received the coveted scandal: jodie foster is a lesbian. Forced out, basically organized the actress to be her brother buddy.In the book he told the whole world the secrets of his personal life sisters. The facts he presented to the public or their fantasies - is unknown. Although a lot of information fairly resemble the fruit of a sick imagination. Читать полностью -->

Rasputin `laid eyes` on Malakhov

Rasputin `laid eyes` on MalakhovSinger Masha Rasputina, before acting duets with Phillip Kirkorov, now found herself a new man. Paired with the artist now will be singing TV presenter Andrey Malakhov.This creative Union was born in the framework of the program "Two stars", which will start soon on one of the Central channels."Star-2" will repeat the popular project from last year. Except that leading the show now will not Lolita and Alexander Tsekalo, and Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva.All the basic rules of the show remain the same: every week to the public are submitted to the duet composie stars-Amateur and star-masters, worst couple on the results of voting leaves the project. You can sing them in person, to the accompaniment of the orchestra.The names of several of the project participants are already known. So, TV presenter Andrey Malakhov will sing in tandem with Masha Rasputina. By the way, the couple already had the experience of working together. Читать полностью -->

Averbukh said about the `heaviness` Volochkova

Averbukh said about the `heaviness` VolochkovaSince the controversial departure of Anastasia Volochkova from the Bolshoi theatre several years passed, but many still worry about the question: does the ballerina is so heavy, how about it then said.Recall, once the reason for the dismissal Volochkova from the theater was named after her over weight and high growth. Because of this, the ballerina though was difficult to find partners.In the figure skating men also have to do support. It was rumored that Volochkova had problems because it is difficult to raise, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.Anastasia was a member of the show "Ice age" and together with partner Anton Sikharulidze showed good results. So, according to Ilya Averbukh, the rumors of "gravity" ballerina real soil under no."Anton Sikharulidze highly enough and often enough she was coming up in support, than, in my opinion, has denied all the rumors," said Averbukh.However, the height and weight of other star parties "Ice age" had a considerable importance in the selection of pairs."Not without difficulties, of course, is not cost - shared Averbukh. We initially recruited participants from among the stars, and then picked them partners-skaters. Primarily on height and weight looked. Читать полностью -->

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