Philip sits on `painful` diet

Philip sits on `painful` dietSinger Philip Kirkorov don't hide their eating habits. "I love everything that is impossible," he says. So he occasionally have to sit on diets."All that is impossible, all that Philip loves: pizza, hamburgers-cheeseburgers..." says the singer in interview to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - All washed down with Coca-Cola. And yet all my life I've pathologically in love with the sweet in Front of me... even now on the table, marshmallows, chocolate and fish sandwiches"."Then begins a torturous weight loss. Читать полностью -->

Queen is jealous of her husband Busty blondes

Queen is jealous of her husband Busty blondesDespite rumours that in the life of her husband Sergei Glushko was the other woman, singer Natasha Koroleva calm for my family."I'm not jealous of Sergei," said the artist. I have nothing to reproach him. Life is complicated. And can happen anything. But I don't believe her husband's infidelity. I have a great husband, and I love him very much. Читать полностью -->

Dedyushko identified using phone

Dedyushko identified using phoneKilled in the accident actor Alexander Dedyushko rescuers identified only when called from his mobile phone subscribers, "mother", informs "Your day".Investigators nearly three hours trying to establish the identity of those killed on the highway Ufa - Moscow the driver and passengers of "Toyota picnic". In the car, turned into a heap of twisted iron, it was impossible to find any documents. To identify Alexander, Svetlana and Dima Dedyushko helped phone the actor, who miraculously survived in a broken-down car."Sasha's body was heavily mutilated, to know it was impossible, - says who came from Belarus cousin of actor Larissa. - Only when there was a mobile phone, rescue workers began to call on the recorded numbers of our relatives".When rescuers tried to establish the identity of the victims, the mother and sister of Alexander Dedyushko stood on the platform of one of Moscow's train stations. "We sat at the station for several hours," says Larissa. - Waited for Sasha, who was supposed to pick us up. Читать полностью -->

Sorokin: Russia is returning to feudalism

Sorokin: Russia is returning to feudalismWriter Vladimir Sorokin believes that Russia returns to the middle Ages, and experiencing the process can be compared with pedaliaceae."We are moving to a feudal Russia, where the government again becomes something absolute and incomprehensible to the people, and not at all considered by the people," he said in an interview with El Pais in honor of the release in Spain of his last novel "Day of the Oprichnik" (the full text on the website"The team are in power now," adds Sorokin, is very restless, he is very nervous and sometimes falls into a state of paranoia. If you peer into the faces of Putin and Medvedev, I would say that they radiate anxiety and concern.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Famous men in the morning, up to 10 hours

Famous men in the morning, up to 10 hours Photographer Veronica Vial came up with an interesting project - it relieves famous people in the morning, up to 10 hours. They are natural, without makeup and prepared smiles.In the series "Men before 10 am" were actors VIN Diesel, Brendan Fraser, Dermot Mulroney, Jeff Goldblum, Tim Roth, Kiefer Sutherland, til Schweiger.For example, Dermot Mulroney Veronica captured when he walked in the garden with the dogs in a housecoat. And VIN Diesel in the shower. She says that Diesel is very modest and timid, although on screen he's a real macho. Someone waking up, he immediately grabs a cigarette, someone else for a long time lying in bed and reading a newspaper.Some stars refused to appear. For Example, Jack Nicholson. Читать полностью -->

Otar cusanelli `harassing` Bilan

Otar cusanelli `harassing` BilanFamous journalist Otar cusanelli accused of blackmail Dima Bilan, wrote in a Friday newspaper "Your day".To receive threats the singer and his producer Yana Rudkovskaya started almost a month ago. First telephone terrorists extorted money for women compromising singer photos that allegedly testified Hobbies Bilan forbidden drugs. Then Rudkovskaya and Bilan showered with threats one worse than the other, writes the edition.Jan had long suspected that behind all this is cusanelli, because the caller mentioned his name. And in the end calls and decided showman himself.After consulting with lawyers, Rudkovskaya wrote the application in militia. Now there is a check, and flock already called in for questioning. Check materials are in Odintsovo ATC. Читать полностью -->

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