Stylist Ricky Martin accidentally revealed his secret

Stylist Ricky Martin accidentally revealed his secretHollywood stylist, OLE Henriksen gave his homosexuality client is a famous Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, reports The Sun.Businessman, owning a private aesthetic clinic on sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, attended by many celebrities, in an interview to a Swedish tabloid said that 35-year-old Ricky Martin hides his orientation, because it is a sex symbol. "The artist, the man or woman who needs to sell a lot of records, it is difficult to talk openly about their sexual orientation," said the stylist.In the interview about Ricky Martin came by chance. Henriksen, who himself admits that he is gay, the question about who he would want to spend a romantic evening, he replied: "I would choose Stig Tofting (former Danish football player), but since he's not gay, I choose my client Ricky Martin.".

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