Глюкоzу wanted by the police

Глюкоzу wanted by the policeNatalia Ionova, resting in the Christmas holidays in Miami, violated American laws, exceeding the permissible speed on the road for a few tens of miles.Glucose came back from Orlando, where he was in Disneyland, in a rented car, being herself behind the wheel. The singer wanted to get to the hotel in Miami and decided to add gas, but did not notice that had exceeded the speed limit by as much as thirty miles. But by American standards it is a very serious offense. After driving at breakneck speed for some time, the singer was in sight of a police patrol, who stopped her. Seeing it was approaching her car strict police, Glucose was literally speechless from fear, the newspaper "Your day".- I Russian tourist and didn't know to drive that fast here it is impossible, - has tried to make amends, smiling, said Natasha.But the judge remained adamant. Russian celebrities get a ticket and a summons to appear in court, at a meeting which Natasha and will announce the final amount of the fine and appoint additional punishment.As it turned out, in Florida, where Ionova broke the speed limit, very strict about unscrupulous drivers. Under American law for his desire to go faster Natasha very hard will pay. Not only that, the singer will go on trial, she faces a fine of several hundred dollars, as well as mandatory training and the exam at her driver's licence was in force in the state of Florida.According to friends of the singer, whom she had rashly told about the incident, Glucose will have to appear in court, otherwise she can next time to refuse to issue visas to America. Source: Глюкоzу wanted by the police.

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