Orbakaite was forced to withdraw with a live Python

Orbakaite was forced to withdraw with a live PythonKristina Orbakaite among many other stars of show business takes part in the filming of the Christmas musical "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors". The singer had to play in a really terrible scene, because her partner in the story was a real monster - a huge Python.As we have mentioned, the plot of the film new year will be twisted tale of Kingdom of crooked mirrors". The action takes place in Sacranie, but the main intrigue becomes competition "Crinoidea-2008". Kristina Orbakaite will stand in the way of one of the participants of the show."Christina is first and foremost for us is the girl from the iconic in Indian cinema, "says the film's Director, Alexander". - We have been thinking how to fill the stage elements of Indian culture, which are known to all. First wanted to put us in the frame of an elephant. Would look this nice, but the elephant is big and just like that the pavilion will not start and to find him in St. Petersburg is quite difficult. In the end, our choice was Python".Orbakaite, knowing that she would have to work with a monstrous reptile, to the delight did not come. "You never know what comes at her with that thing!" - experienced singer after another double."That's why Christina we decided to rent separately, and Python separately, the Director says in an interview with the newspaper "Smena". - And then combine them. Snake we have, by the way, special. Secretly and just one day they brought her out a special laboratory. There for her experiment to bring some new breed. The Python was calm, it was intensively fed. A snake, of course, there is a special handler". Source: Orbakaite was forced to withdraw with a live Python.

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