Boris Becker has filed a lawsuit against Angela Ermakova

Boris Becker has filed a lawsuit against Angela ErmakovaFormer tennis player Boris Becker wants to get custody of his daughter Anna Ermakova. "Sons I have joint custody, and her daughter there," said 39-year-old Becker in an interview with Stern magazine.He criticized Anne's mother, Angela Ermakova, improper, in his opinion, the methods of education. "My heart hurts from how, especially this year, my daughter put on public display, be it a television interview or children's fashion shows".Last month, German authorities even fined cosmetics company, which advertised a seven-Anna for the use of child labour.Becker says that parents should protect their children, but with his mother Anne he is suing for many years. In 1999, Becker had a fleeting relationship with Ermakova, which came to light Anna. He is the former wife Barbara he had two sons: 13-year-old Noah and 8-year-old Elias.In litigation concerning the custody of the daughter it is not about the PR campaign and the family Bekkers, emphasizes the former tennis player: "My daughter deserves to regularly see your father." In particular, he wants to continue Anna met Christmas in Miami along with him and half-brothers.Yesterday in one of London's courts held a hearing at number FD 07P02269 between Becker and Ermakova. The parties argued a total of six hours and eventually reached a mutually acceptable agreement, according to Bild. Source: Boris Becker has filed a lawsuit against Angela Ermakova.

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