Roma Zver fainted on stage

Roma Zver fainted on stageRoma Beast that is called, Doomicus. On the day of their birth, the artist fainted. However, according to Roma, not because of the fact that he had been drinking.It tells the soloist of group "Beasts", his 29th birthday, he was going to say too much. First to give a concert in St. Petersburg, and then worthily to celebrate the anniversary. However, trouble was waiting for the hero of the occasion before friends gave a toast to his health. Just health and disappoint.Roma performed his hit "Areas-quarters", when he suddenly felt dizzy. A little more, and the singer would have crashed right into the scene. Well, just noticed something was wrong administrators of the artist - they have already taken up the falling Beast and took him backstage. There Roman caught his breath, he was Etoile mineral water, and soon the singer was able to continue the concert.I don't know what happened to me, I will have to check with your doctor, " says the artist. - Honestly, the first time such face - that's what it means, selected fourth decade. Source: Roma Beast fainted on stage.

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