Pamela Anderson is pregnant

Pamela Anderson is pregnantAs it became known to the website TMZ, Pamela Anderson is in an interesting position. However, the good news didn't stop her from wanting to divorce Rick Salomon.Recall, the couple got married in Las Vegas on 6 October 2007, and in December, pam filed for divorce. The reason for the termination of relations 40 years "spasatelnitsa Malibu called insurmountable differences in the characters. After that, according to rumors, the actress a few times then picked up the documents, it was again determined, however, after the New year wanting a divorce it finally matured. Himself Rick, known to the public for candid video with his ex-podrujkoi Paris Hilton says that they do not take seriously this divorce process. He admitted to friends that the reason for the crazy behavior of his beloved - pregnancy.For Pamela Anderson this was the third attempt of the family to find happiness, reminds utray. Prior to that, she served for four months was married to musician kid Rock, and her first husband was Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. From him, the actress has two children - a nine-year-old is Dylan and Brandon.Familiarity Anderson to Rick Salomon was very peculiar. They met at the card table, after the game, the actress was supposed to Salomon $250 thousand, but the money at hand was not, and resourceful Rick offered to give back to sex. Anderson agreed, and about a month later already tried on a wedding dress by Valentino. Source: Pamela Anderson pregnant.

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