Vera Brezhnev back in `VIA gra`

Vera Brezhnev back in `VIA gra`Beauty blonde after three months of absence in the group decided to get back into the team. Having tasted all the delights of family life, she decided that it was to be a famous singer so much more attractive than a housewife.Ceremony TOP X SEXY Faith came together with another lead singer of the Albina Dzhanabaeva. Girls as if never parted: they were also, as usual, smiling, friendly and rather naked. Brezhnev drew his firm abdomen, and Albina - graceful back. Noticing the doors of the nightclub, ex-soloist of "VIA gra", guests were muttering about accomplished the return of the singer in the band.- As you can see, I'm back with the group, smiling sweetly, said the entire evening on a single question Brezhnev. "I am pleased that we are together again on such a good party.FamilyAccording to the Faith, neither of which solo career until she thinks. During these months she realized that the road to her family, but also from pop career should not give up. Devoting himself to the daughter, she is now again ready to give himself to the fans.- I just have not had enough time not only to see the daughter, but even to call her. It was the last straw, said after leaving the group to your friends Faith.At the ceremony Brezhnev showed everyone that reclusive lifestyle in the past and that she returned to his former life. The girl was flirting with strange men, and some were invited to your table.CheatingWas extremely sociable this evening and Konstantin Kryukov, who during the whole ceremony I sat next to my wife and mother in total, about half an hour. But the rest of the time, the actor talked and got acquainted with cute girls near the bar.Not less attention to his person attracted Glyukoza and located on premium alone. Natasha Ionova before the ceremony began, visibly bored surrounded by strangers, and only a glass of wine made up for the loneliness of a young mother.- I'm glad I could come here to escape - confessed "Z" of the ions. And all the time I'm reclusive lifestyle. But this has its advantages. For example, the first saw Lydia tries to roll over on his stomach and tries to say "Mama". Source: Vera Brezhnev returned to the "VIA gra"".

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