Yakovlev seriously undermines health for the sake of work

Yakovlev seriously undermines health for the sake of workFamous actress Elena Yakovleva, who played the role of the legendary Kamenskaya in the popular series, flatly refused to go under the surgeon's knife, worrying that will remain without work.The star for several months there in one of the capital's hospitals with problems of the stomach. According to friends of Helena, in recent years her health more and more alarming. Exacerbating the situation itself and Yakovlev, refusing to attend hospital.OperationAs it turned out, Elena suffers from stomach ulcers, but despite the severe pain that continues to work in theater and movies.- I really need to undergo surgery, " said the actress. But now I can't do as much on your plate. So I think at the time to postpone treatment.In turn, the doctors at the hospital where he was treated for a celebrity, insist that I need to do the surgery - otherwise it could be very tragic.Recall that Yakovlev was lying in the hospital, where she arrived on the carriage "ambulance". After the treatment, the doctors insisted on rehabilitation period, but the actress did not heed the requests of the doctors and started filming and work in theater, which is now greatly regret. Source: Yakovlev seriously undermines health for the sake of work.

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