Basque continues to wander from apartment to apartment

Basque continues to wander from apartment to apartmentFour months after breaking up with his wife, the famous singer has finally settled in the new apartment. Taking their belongings out of the house, Nicholas was virtually homeless. Returning to Moscow from a tour, he spent the night or in the hotel, or from their parents.But thank God, nomadic life Baskov came to an end: on the day he moved into a spacious two-bedroom apartment. Correspondents of "Life" were among the first who the singer showed new residence. He meets us in a t-shirt and sweatpants and, embarrassed, asks not to pay attention that some bags have not dismantled.- I just moved, as if it were justified, Nicholas, and have not had time to settle in. Much remains to be done. For example, ware to buy, and then while at my house only two plates and a few cups. But I don't need more! I live alone, don't cook for themselves.And that's what the Basques have taken care about is the Christmas tree.- I have a tradition: Christmas tree in the house should always be, no matter what! - says Nikolay. - While I may live alone, but to their traditions.This cozy apartment is the singer did not immediately. According to him, for that he had to drive around half of Moscow. By the way, lived within these walls at the time the spouse Alsu Yan Abramov.- This apartment I really like, and I signed an annual contract of lease. Buy their homes in my immediate plans is not included. While I do not have the capability. More important to me now to grow, to evolve... And not a sauna will show?And we go to the sauna in which the tenor, in his words, have not steamed because of lack of time.- I honestly, and in the bathroom was not yet, " laughs the singer. - Just do not think anything wrong! I still use the shower and... master the washing machine.Though it's hard to believe, Basque infrequently resorted to the services of dry cleaners and laundries - he washes dirty things. And things he... Closet singer looks impressive: under stage costumes Nicholas had to take one of three rooms. Next bedroom. On the nightstand beside the bed lay the Bible and is an icon of the Archangel Michael: Basque, as you know, a religious person.Because of the Cabinet in the apartment is not available, Nikolay has been working in the kitchen. He spends hours at the laptop, listening to new songs and browsing scenarios: before the New year he has received several tempting offers.Meanwhile, hesitation, Basque actively returns the previous form, in regards to eating. In the fridge there's only fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of yogurts. However, the singer loses weight and without dieting. The stress experienced after the divorce, robbed him of a few pounds. And frequent tours do not give Nicholas to relax. Basque is now on tour more often than usual, although his detractors want to present differently. But, unfortunately for them, in every city in the "Golden voice of Russia" sold out.About his future idle Basque doesn't like to argue, especially as officially divorce has not yet been issued: the singer hopes that this will be done early next year.- I'm just focused on what you have now to do more, " he says. - I believe that all will eventually subside and go." Yes, now my wife don't communicate. But that doesn't mean that I'm ready to forget all the good times we had together. Now we have a different road, and I wish the only the best. Source: Basque continues to wander from apartment to apartment.

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