Star `Boomer` starred in hard erotica

Star `Boomer` starred in hard erotica Sergey Gorobchenko, which became popular after the role of the gangster's Petit Frame in the movie "Boomer", abruptly changed roles and appeared in an erotic film.And I have to say, not in vain! No wonder the bandits called hero Gorobchenko in the "Boomer" "Plowman-trahere".It is nicknamed the actor confirmed in the new movie. Explicit scenes Serezha turned incendiary.Roller, on which the popular actor Sergey Gorobchenko dance Striptease in the night club and having sex in different positions - first with one and then with another woman, very impressive. The sex scenes are accompanied by the approving cheers of participants, type: "Yeah, come on, baby, come on." This is footage from the film the Moscow gigolo", which will be shown in cinemas in February.A film about a gigolo, of course, is replete with bed scenes. During the filming of "otkrovenny" spent a lot of time, because in the story the hero Gorobchenko women often changed. In one of these episodes partner Sergey sexy actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya...StripteaseFor the new role Sergey had to learn to strip. This art Pete Frame was given with great difficulty. The actor had to spend more than one day in rehearsal. The result exceeded all expectations. On stage Sergey kept quite naturally, like a year danced around the pole in a strip club. By the way, for this role Gorobchenko had yet to thoroughly panakachet the body, so as not to look like a black sheep in the background of muscular strippers. Along with him went to the pole and singer Danko, who, unlike Sergey, lost among the brave "stallions".The plotIn the story the young captain Kostya, the so-called hero Gorobchenko, getting out of the army and in search of a better life is coming to Moscow. The need to repay a debt to a friend Lena (Danko) forces him to go to work in Striptease. Kostya automatically goes to the crazy club menu and becomes a professional gigolo.Source: Star "Boomer" starred in hard erotica (video).

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