Pugachev predicted Kirkorov future

Pugachev predicted Kirkorov futureIn the Christmas holidays, which begin on Christmas day and ends on Epiphany, in Russia always was made to wonder and learn his fate.Many people are now trying to look to the future in these days, and someone the gift of foretelling given above and not dependent on a specific period.Thus, the famous singer Alla Pugacheva not once had a presentiment of trouble and save their loved ones from disaster.So, once intuition Alla Borisovna has saved Kristina Orbakaite and Boris Moiseyev from a terrible fate.The case occurred in the summer in Sochi. Christina was a little girl and while her mother was away, remained in the care of Boris Moiseev. They were offered to go on a cruise on the ship "Admiral Nakhimov"."Called Alla, and she suddenly sharply: "go Back to Moscow. No trips!" Christina is very upset. And suddenly on the same night we learn that crashed!" "recalls Moses.Here Philip Kirkorov, Alla Pugacheva once saved from disaster, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The singer was supposed to fly to America, but Pugachev suddenly felt something and asked to postpone the trip. This aircraft, fortunately, did not fall, but on Board there was a serious problem, and the flight was rescheduled.Recently Pugachev predicted her ex-husband's future. "Philip, I see you becoming a big producer when they cease to sing," she said Kirkorov. "You and the West will go there with all agree...".

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