The film `Titanic` is 10 years old

The film `Titanic` is 10 years oldCelebrate 10 years of the most profitable film in the history of cinema. The premiere of the film "Titanic" Director James Cameron box office receipts amounted to more than $ 1.8 billion, was held on 19 December 1997 in the USA.According to film critic and culture expert, Director of the Russian Institute of Culturology of Cyril raslogov, the film marked a turning point in the history of cinematography. He showed that mixing genres can use no less success with the audience than a traditional movie. In the early days of rental people around the world lined up in long queues to see the picture. The film remained in the rental record time from 19 December 1997 to 25 September 1998.Mixing genres disaster movie and melodrama gave an unexpected result, said RIA "Novosti". "For a 12% increase in cinema attendance in Europe. However, the greatest role of "Titanic" played for the Russian cinema", - said Razlogov. From the first show this film in Russia, held in Kaliningrad, started to revive the domestic system of film distribution and cinema in General.A three-hour tape marked the beginning of the epic movie genre in the world. In 1997 when "Titanic" was released on wide screens, the film lasts three hours and depicting events of 1912, would miserably fail at the box office. However, this did not happen. On the contrary, "Titanic" has received positive reviews from both critics and ordinary viewers.AwardsLegendary film won 87 medals, including 11 Oscars, including nominations for Best film and Best Director. "Titanic" holds the record number of nominations for the prize of the American Academy. In the high number of nominations was presented to the biblical drama of William Wyler's "Ben-Hur", filmed in 1959."Titanic" was awarded the American film Institute (AFI) as among the "most exciting movies of all time" and "most romantic movies of all time" and the soundtrack to the film - hit "My Heart Will Go On" performed by canadian singer Celine Dion was named one of "the best songs from movies of all time".It is the song "My Heart Will Go On" brought Celine Dion worldwide fame. The single became one of the best selling in history. The song reached number one in the charts of many countries, including the United World Chart, and has received numerous awards, including an Oscar, Golden globe, Grammy.How it all beganThe story of the Titanic has begun that on your birthday Cameron received the gift of the work of his best friend, telling about the Titanic. From that day the Director just sick idea to make a disaster movie about the ship-the legend.265-meter "Titanic" that weighed 60 thousand tons, was built by White Star Line for two years. Another year was spent on preparing the ship for the first trip. April 15, 1912, five days after the release in the Atlantic ocean, the giant liner collided with an iceberg, resulting in damaged five of its sixteen watertight compartments. After 2 hours and 40 minutes split into two parts the Titanic went to the bottom. Of 2223 passengers of the ship were saved only 710 people.Cameron picked up virtually everything that you could add a film about the Titanic project should be addressed to historians, scientists. The Director personally went down to the "Titanic" on the submersibles Mir-1 and Mir-2 (Russian research vessel "Akademik Mstislav Keldysh"). For 12 minutes in the movie the submersibles had to dive to the bottom of 12 times over 5 months. The footage has allowed designers to recreate the interior of the ship, and studios to create a miniature model of the vessel.The special effectsJust to create special effects were involved in 17 studios. A major role in their creation was given to Digital Domain, under the leadership of Rob Legato. Every time I Legato questions arose in the process of studying the history of the Titanic, he turned to James Cameron. "Jim was the best expert on the Titanic," says Legato. It is one of the features due to which it is such a great Director. He completely immersed himself in the story, so do not miss a single scrap of paper with the results of the research"."Titanic" became not only the most profitable but also the most expensive film in the history of cinematography. Its budget was $ 200 million. The producing company 20th Century Fox to reduce the huge expenditure was forced to invite to cooperate with its rival Paramount Pictures. Thus, in North America distributor was made by Paramount Pictures, and the rest of the world - 20th Century Fox.For the shooting of the film was built giant studios Studio 20th Century Fox. On the Mexican coast with five tons of dynamite was created by the pool with a displacement of four million litres. In this pool and was subsequently sent to the biggest in the history of chinamodel - copy "Titanic" length 231 m (real liner was only 34 meters long), which allowed to reduce the number of special effects almost a thousand episodes. For filming was also created "iceberg" of foam, covered with fiberglass and wax.ActorsFor filming, the creators have used the services of just forty actors who were dressed in costumes, bristling with sensors for "motion capture". In the Studio with the help of computers has been simulated "water", in which passengers fell "sinking" ship.Shooting this epic picture, prolepsis about 7 months that ended March 23, 1997. All the while the scenery on the ship - from carpets to chandeliers - supervised companies that were once equipped with this "Titanic". On the Board were the main characters of the film - Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Gloria Stuart.Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate WinsletDisaster film and the love story that shook the whole world brought world fame to the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, simple guy who played Jack Dawson. It is known that the role of Jack claimed several famous actors, among whom was Tom cruise.However, Cameron insisted that the main role in the film played a little-known at the time, DiCaprio. It is the "Titanic" advanced novice actor in the ranks of the highest paid actors of Hollywood. "I could take Tom cruise, but in this case I had to change a lot. 35-year-old Tom cruise loves the 17-year-old girl? Even if the girl would be 25 - 26 years, so now she is 110?", commented on your choice of the Director. In addition, the role of Dawson claimed Matthew McConaughey, but in the end, Cameron had personally insisted on the candidacy of DiCaprio.They say that Kate Winslet is so liked still unfinished screenplay by Cameron that it is many times called the Director requests approval for the role of Rose DeWitt. Although initially the Director saw in this role, Gwyneth Paltrow, in the end he yielded to the entreaties Winslet. The actress had no idea how much effort it would be required to this film. She often had to descend into the water that during the filming of scenes of the death of "Titanic," Winslet earned pneumonia.Old rose, whose age scenario was 101 years old, was played by American actress Gloria Stuart, the real age which at that time was 86 years old. She was nominated for the award "Oscar" in the nomination "the Best actress" and became the oldest person nominated for this prestigious award. Stewart is the only one among all who participated in the filming of the movies, lived during this disaster of the Titanic in 1912.The grave of the Titanic has become a place of worshipAlthough the film is based on real events, as planned by the Director, all his characters were supposed to be fictional. It is known, for example, that rose is the name of the grandmother of Cameron, not having to do with the Titanic. However, once the script was completed, the Director learned that aboard the ship in 1912 was indeed a passenger with the initials J. Dawson (Joseph Dawson).

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