Intimate revelations `Ice Queen` Germany

Intimate revelations `Ice Queen` Germany Katarina Witt beginning of the sexual revolution in the German sport. Star single figure skating first of the GDR, and then United Germany has gathered a unique collection of awards.Two Olympic gold medals, four for victory at the world Championships and for the six triumphs at the Championships of Europe. For many years she served in the role of the GDR, which in the USSR was owned by Irina Rodnina. Don't know, did you follow Irina, but Catarina Stasi "herded" from childhood and put together a file in a fat 1354 pages."Ice Queen" read the filing in 1993. "I was shocked," she recalls. - In the dossier were recorded smallest intimate details. Hundreds of pages were filled with reports about my love Dating. For example, "had oral sex from 20.00 to 20.07""".In this case the sex of the dossier has not brought Catarina glory. German journalists decided that the star collaborated with the Stasi. Tabloids dubbed the pride of the nation "red goat", and the tabloid Bild began to publish excerpts from the dossier. Katherine at that time lived in the U.S., performing in ice shows, led the program on NBC and starred in Hollywood with Tom cruise and Robert de Niro.However, most people do not remember it. Absolution and popularity Witt returned naked photo shoot for American Playboy. The Americans instantly recognized it as "his", and the Germans forget old grudges. Source: Intimate revelations "Ice Queen" Germany (photo).

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