Pitt and Jolie are looking for a transit point in Europe

Pitt and Jolie are looking for a transit point in EuropeBrad pitt and Angelina Jolie looking for a house in Europe that their children had "a wider vision of the world." This was reported in the published on Sunday an interview with himself brad pitt, reports AFP."Although we lead a very nomadic lifestyle, we would like to have a base in Europe. Here pay more attention to what is happening in the world, and hence easier to get to Africa and Asia," he said in an interview with XL Semanal, a weekly application of the newspaper ABC."We want our children to have a wide vision of the world. In Spain, Italy and France very good quality of life," he added.The 43-year-old pitt and 32-year-old Jolie four children: adopted in Cambodia son Maddox (6); three Vietnamese boy pax; two-Zahara from Ethiopia and 16-month-old native daughter of Shiloh."We're not done yet. We are very happy that we are able to give the kids a chance. I already can't imagine my life without children. If someone is thinking about adoption, I am the most ardent supporter," says pitt.Recently Hollywood couple moved from new York with the children to Los Angeles, where Jolie is starring in the new Clint Eastwood movie "Spoofed child." Source: pitt and Jolie are looking for a transit point in Europe.

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