Masha Malinovskaya fell ill with acute bronchitis

Masha Malinovskaya fell ill with acute bronchitisFormer TV presenter, now a member Masha Malinovskaya a bad cold during the winter holidays in Courchevel. On his return to the capital the girl immediately asked for help from doctors.Ailing TV presenter was taken to the Central clinical hospital. By the time the Pool was so bad that she could barely stand on his feet and practically unable to breathe independently.Doctors put Mache disappointing diagnosis of acute bronchitis. The girl felt unwell else in France, just when it was time to go to the airport.Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for nearly a day, and all this time the patient has suffered in the waiting room with a temperature of about 40."At the airport I kept from last forces. When I was taken to the hospital, I was in a semiconscious state - was coughing, dizzy, almost fainted," recalls Mary.The doctors say that his condition is now Malinovskaya stable. However, the statement still early to say. Masha is still in the hospital. There is a woman being treated with antibiotics and monitored to ensure that it complied with bed rest. Source: Masha Malinovskaya fell ill with acute bronchitis.

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