Doctors had been sentenced Kadysheva to death

Doctors had been sentenced Kadysheva to deathLately at concerts and secular parties 48-year-old singer Nadezhda Kadysheva appeared in a dress with open neckline. Hot heads hastened to write that the performer of a hit "the stream Flows" pumped breast silicone.To keep abreast of Masha Rasputina. The truth was found out only the special correspondent of "Express newspaper".In childhood 10-year-old Nadya, he suffered a terrible tragedy when her mother died. According to the singer, "from many years causeless sadness." This disease for several generations is passed through the female line of the family Kadyshevich. It is because of mental anguish ten years ago died younger sister of Hope - Lyuba. Universal sadness settled in the heart of the beautiful folk singer, after a grief-the doctor was twice sentenced to death. In 30 years Kadysheva "found" a malignant tumor in the breast. Faithful husband of Hope Alexander Kostyuk was trying to support your favorite.After the operation it became clear that no cancer she didn't have the tumor was benign. However, it was early to celebrate. Two years after regular inspection, the doctor was again diagnosed with breast cancer. And wrong again!As you know, popular rumor has: the one buried alive, lives happily ever after. And really, now 18 years have passed since then, the leader of the ensemble "Golden ring" writes hit after hit, he opened his own theatre and looks - God forbid everyone! Beauty, blonde, chest out. She and silicone-all right!"Express newspaper" wishes of Hope, good health and great success in the new year! Source: Doctors repeatedly sentenced Kadysheva to death.

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