The virus that hit wife Petrosian, no cure

The virus that hit wife Petrosian, no cureSpouse Evgeny Petrosyan now in its second week can not get rid of high temperature, after on the road picked up an unknown virus. According to the comedian, his wife did not even help the antibiotics.Despite the weakness and high temperature (under 40), Stepanenko still could not miss shooting blue fire on the channel "Russia".The diseaseOn new year's race Elena G. I forgot about their own health. After another sweaty concert artist popped backstage at the draft, where it is greatly lost. The very next day she fell ill with a high fever. First, Elena Grigorievna tried to treat shock by means of antibiotics, but they did not help, then had to turn to homeopathy, but it is to no avail.- Elena terribly ill, - has shared with "Your DAY" spouse artist Yevgeny Petrosyan. - Temperature no matter how much I knocked, she still rises. To the doctors we went, but nothing helps. Some very severe virus.ShootingElena Grigorievna until the last day postponed its participation in the filming of a spark. In the pavilion "Mosfilm" Eugene vaganovich never left his wife. Watched the premiere on time gave her the coat and she in any case was not in the draft. In front of the cameras Elena G. kept a stiff upper lip. As soon as he heard "Action!", Stepanenko was smiling and joking. On stage she was prepared for a difficult role. In addition to the standard toast and congratulations Elena G. was supposed to play the jealous wife. Her husband artist "jealous" to one of the first Russian beauties Oxana Fedorova. With her Eugene vaganovich performed a very energetic song.But as soon as the Director said he was pleased with all the takes, Petrosyan was immediately taken to his wife from the site home to recover. Source: a Virus that puts the wife Petrosian, no cure.

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