Barbara Brylska not appreciated the talent Talyzina

Barbara Brylska not appreciated the talent TalyzinaAbout what colleagues in the film "Irony of fate" Valentina Talyzina and Barbara Brylska't really get along. Even after many years Valentina I. holds a grudge against the Polish actress.The main cause of the conflict is "ingratitude" Brylska. According to Talyzina, thanks to the voice of the heroine Barbara became what it was loved by millions of viewers. And in return, the Russian artist has not received even gratitude."I can't condemn the choice of the Director and especially Eldar Aleksandrovich - I love him too," says now Talyzina. "But you know, I once saw Annie Girardot approached the woman, her voice, hugged her and warmly thanked for the fact that she carried her heroine to a Russian audience. How many kind words I heard from Latvian actress, lility ozolinya that sounded! The Polish artist never had the heart to say a simple "thank you". But for the role of Nadia, she received the state prize"."I then at the microphone has lived Nadine life, - says the actress in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - I didn't voiced, but yourself. An assistant on the set of "Twist of fate" worked Elena Sudakova. She followed Ryazanov on his heels and literally pounded his head, saying, take Talyzina, take Talyzina. And he said: "Valya plays the teacher, what is it for two people to speak?" But still gave me to try. And I really that Nadia lived. I still write poetry, people thank you for that role and say that I have a divine voice. But I'm not the only voice I gave his soul to this woman!".

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