Famous men in the morning, up to 10 hours

Famous men in the morning, up to 10 hours Photographer Veronica Vial came up with an interesting project - it relieves famous people in the morning, up to 10 hours. They are natural, without makeup and prepared smiles.In the series "Men before 10 am" were actors VIN Diesel, Brendan Fraser, Dermot Mulroney, Jeff Goldblum, Tim Roth, Kiefer Sutherland, til Schweiger.For example, Dermot Mulroney Veronica captured when he walked in the garden with the dogs in a housecoat. And VIN Diesel in the shower. She says that Diesel is very modest and timid, although on screen he's a real macho. Someone waking up, he immediately grabs a cigarette, someone else for a long time lying in bed and reading a newspaper.Some stars refused to appear. For Example, Jack Nicholson. Because these popular stars do not want once again to be photographed. But many actors have agreed with pleasure. And that they are not specifically prepared for the meeting, the photographer came an hour before the appointed time. Source: Famous men in the morning, up to 10 hours (photo).

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