Otar cusanelli `harassing` Bilan

Otar cusanelli `harassing` BilanFamous journalist Otar cusanelli accused of blackmail Dima Bilan, wrote in a Friday newspaper "Your day".To receive threats the singer and his producer Yana Rudkovskaya started almost a month ago. First telephone terrorists extorted money for women compromising singer photos that allegedly testified Hobbies Bilan forbidden drugs. Then Rudkovskaya and Bilan showered with threats one worse than the other, writes the edition.Jan had long suspected that behind all this is cusanelli, because the caller mentioned his name. And in the end calls and decided showman himself.After consulting with lawyers, Rudkovskaya wrote the application in militia. Now there is a check, and flock already called in for questioning. Check materials are in Odintsovo ATC. "I recorded the conversation with the flock to the recorder, said Rudkovskaya "Your DAY".Something that can stand the famous journalist and showman Otar cusanelli, became Bilan real shock. A year ago Dima and Otar got along very well and went together to visit. "What have I done to him? "says Dima. - This story is not so simple, but I am confident that justice will prevail".But as Mr. cusanelli ready to dispute: "I believe that all the accusations about me are baseless, and I am sure on one hundred percent that Yana wants to set me up, so she wrote the application in militia. I'm ready to go there, go all the interrogations. And even the lie detector, which will reveal the truth. In turn, I demand a check on the lie detector and passed Dima Bilan, while looking me in the eye. So when it all said he wanted to meet me, if you do not know who I am. I'm 15 years ago was much more popular than now Yana Rudkovskaya. If I paid attention to all calls with threats that come to me, I would have gone crazy. I also want to say that never was a friend of Baturin. Moreover, I was never complied with the order against Baturina Rudkovskaya".

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