Semenovich experienced the fate of a single mother

Semenovich experienced the fate of a single motherSemenovich became a single mother. Moreover, its financial problems have reached the point that money is not even enough for a new year's gift to his son.The actress, whose big bust, is one of the most debated topics in our country, plays in the continuation of the legendary film "Irony of fate or with easy steam". The film was directed not Eldar Ryazanov, and Timur Bekmambetov. He already has experience with the former soloist of group "Shining", in the blockbuster "Night watch" as the actress debuted Zhanna Friske. In "Day watch" she played the main female role. In the new film Bekmambetov Semenovich got a small role."Frankly, the whole scenario of the movie I didn't read it - says Anna Semenovich. - And it is not needed. "Irony of fate" is such a Great brand that then, as they say, the main thing is "do no harm". Director Timur Bekmambetov so awesome explained everything he wanted me to see that no questions just did not arise. Needless to say, I happily agreed to appear in an episode of "the Irony of fate 2". Timur is a genius Director. Heard a lot about him, but I met him on the Playground. All I heard about him were true. He is a Master of his craft. Enough for a small role that would understand it", says Anna.The heroine Ani is a single mother raising a son. They go to the airport, and mom explains to his son that, unfortunately, this year may not give him the phone. The boy, of course, upset. This conversation hears hero Sergey Bezrukov, turns to the kid and gives his cell phone number. In the eyes of the hero Sergey single mom Anna Semenovich sees sadness and grief. Making her feel sincerely sorry for this man. They stopped, exchanged a few words, and sold our own businesses."In this film I will appear in a slightly different manner. But it would be expensive clothes and hairstyles from the salon. Here I was dressed very modestly, one might even say: poor. Such a good loving son mother, who, alas, can not give him his material desires. The history of life. Our lives. I really hope that the second film will occupy in the hearts of people the same rightful place as the first legendary picture. I'm sure all the people who worked on the film, I very much want, that is exactly what happened," admits the actress.In the film, played by a great number of famous people and artists, who starred in the first part of the "Irony of fate". Anna captured the shooting process, although this is not the first role in her life, the experience in the movie the singer and figure skater."Of course, it should be noted separately by Sergei Bezrukov. To say I was very pleased to work with him, all the same, that is to say nothing. Everyone was so kind and attentive on the court that wanted in that moment to all of this as much as possible not ended. Thank you to them! Enchanted by the movie and people who are doing it. The feeling that these are people from another planet, energy amazes and fascinates at the same time. All go to the movies!" - shares Semenovich. Source: S. experienced the fate of a single mother.

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