Tom cruise proved that he is heterosexual

Tom cruise proved that he is heterosexual"The rumors about the sexual orientation of Tom cruise (Tom Cruise) is as old as a member of the group "Spice Girls" (and they are scaaary!), writes Pinknews. But obviously, finally, there was the final proof that he's straight".A private investigator who followed the star the last six years, said the portal Contactmusic.Com "All that I have found and what you know, shows that The heterosexual'.Half Barresi (Paul Barresi), the porn star turned private investigators, said that he could not find the slightest evidence that the actor leads a secret gay life.Barresi submitted his research to the British writer Andrew Morton (Andrew Morton) collecting information for a book about the life of an actor."Surely this will be a fascinating read: "Tom is a little pervert who believes in aliens. The end" - ironically Pinknews. Source: Tom cruise proved that he is heterosexual.

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