Princess Diana was killed by a drunk driver

Princess Diana was killed by a drunk driverSuch a conclusion Tuesday announced forensic toxicologist Robert Forrest at the meeting of the London Royal court. The expert concluded that driver Henri Paul before the trip, drank a few glasses of some anisette, report"Both results obviously lead to the conclusion that the alcohol concentration in the samples is twice higher than the concentration allowed in the UK for car drivers," said toxicologist.Conclusions Forrest were confirmed by the materials of the investigation. So, hotel receipts where Dodi and Diana, testified that the driver ordered two servings of tincture. Witnesses also saw that Henri Paul was drinking in the bar shortly before the fatal trip."I wouldn't want to sit in the car with someone who drank two servings Ricard", said forensic toxicologist. He noted that the examination revealed in a driver's blood six servings of tincture. Such a dose of alcohol equivalent to one litre of wine.At the same time, Robert Forrest admitted that it is impossible to accurately determine the amount of alcohol drunk, because different people have to digest it differently, RIA "Novosti" .The court also learned that Henri Paul was taking a number of medications, including the antidepressant Prozac. This medicine the doctor prescribed him to fight insomnia.Recall that Princess Diana, her friend Dodi al Fayed and their driver died in a car crash in Paris on the night of 31 August 1997. Source: Princess Diana was killed by a drunk driver.

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