Paris Hilton starred in a futuristic rock Opera

Paris Hilton starred in a futuristic rock OperaWithin a few months Paris Hilton was filmed in Canada in a futuristic rock Opera called "Repo! The genetic Opera".In the Opera we are talking about the Earth 2056, when after the worldwide epidemic of the human race stands on the verge of death, and survivors exist because of organ transplantation. Paris plays the daughter of a tycoon who made a fortune on the sale of organs, which, in turn, received a Hollywood actor Paul Sorvino, reports the Metro.Darren Lynn Bousman, which, incidentally, took a famous series of horror films called "Saw", even before starting work, stated that "the genetic Opera" will be even more brutal than "Saw". According to him, the role he watched about 30 Actresses, Paris immediately got a place in the musical because "her role is she".In the trailer socialite appears clad in glossy black suit "tamer", in a black wig, a corset with garters.It should be noted that sings Paris alone, and quite nice. In the clip and then flashed footage from the cemetery, scenes of sexual domination and dismemberment of corpses. Source: Paris Hilton starred in a futuristic rock Opera.

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