Scandalous `mouse` jodie foster

Scandalous `mouse` jodie foster Unlike other Hollywood stars, she keeps her personal life private. It is rarely in the light, not coming to the phone. 't see her much in the company of men, and almost never gossip about her love Affairs.However, once in 1997 he published a book "foster Child", things have changed - the world has received the coveted scandal: jodie foster is a lesbian. Forced out, basically organized the actress to be her brother buddy.In the book he told the whole world the secrets of his personal life sisters. The facts he presented to the public or their fantasies - is unknown. Although a lot of information fairly resemble the fruit of a sick imagination. For example, the fact that the first woman Jody became the mistress of her mother. But the fact remains - mistress was. Her name was Aunty Joey Dee. Source: Scandalous "mouse" jodie foster (photos).

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