`Cadets` are afraid to be smug

`Cadets` are afraid to be smugAlthough the popular TV series "kadetstvo" still going on the screens, and end before December is not going to, but the last scene of the film already shot. It was a farewell March past graduates of the native school. In this episode, was attended by 120 people from the crowd.And the first of November shooting "Kadetstvo", for which CTC did the company Kinakantot", finally ended."Just a few days, and I'm not going to see your wonderful faces!" - said the young actors Director Sergei Arenov. But then admitted: "I partly disingenuous. This compare graduation at the school. When it's the last night, I wish it never ended".A year and a half side by side guys, almost all are still students, adult actors - Alexander Porokhovshchikov, Vladimir Steklov, Valery Barinov and others - and the crew has created one of the most successful youth series in recent years. The shooting took place in Tver Suvorov military school, among these cadets. The first time cadets live in barracks, but then moved to a rented apartment.The boys had a hard time. Although many of them have played in movies and serials, yet little acting experience. Here, in one of the classrooms removed from the final examination. Guys listen to the final instructions of the teacher, argue, laugh... And the teachers on the set no. "Cadets" just pretend to look at him, talk to him. Actually only the voice of the Director behind the scenes, from the hallway, the teacher gives them a replica."Here they are surrounded by kindness and costume designers go with them as nurses, assistants to actors running around looking for them," says Director Sergei Arenov. But at the same time, young artists are kept in check, treat from the "star disease", because from the very first series "Kadetstvo" "cadets" appeared from the crowd, who began to attack the building of the school and the kids themselves. Even among the journalists there were a lot of fans of the series who gladly used his position to communicate with their Pets."I am grateful to our producers and Director, which to us simply. Step right, step left - shot. It's very good, " says Pavel Bessonov, who plays the role of Stepan Perepechko. - I don't want to "Sozvezdiye". This is the worst. Then you will discourage, you will be useless"."I don't even notice me on the streets turn around," says Arthur Copalnic (Alexander Trofimov). - We just get tired, and when we cry, and we are not responsible, all it seems that we are overrated".Now, when the project that made them famous, ends, it is time to decide what to do next. Kirill Emelyanov (Alex cheesecakes) enrolled in drama school, acting path planning to go and the other guys, including Sasha Golovin (Maxim Makarov). Boris korchevnikov (Ilya Sinitsyn) studies in absentia in RATI (GITIS) as the Director. But Pavel Bessonov wants to learn to cook and open a restaurant. But with the movie not going to give up. Source: "the Cadets" afraid of becoming conceited.

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