Named the top five `star` busts the planet

Named the top five `star` busts the planet We wrote a lot about the rest of celebrities and entertainment. And agree, sometimes you have to go to the most expensive resort, to see it all firsthand. After all, the world's best beaches can be considered as the winners of the next informal "competition".A British company producing lingerie decided to find out: who of female celebrities can boast of the most beautiful Breasts. The survey involved 1,000 women. The preference they gave Cheryl Cole - the soloist of the band Girls Aloud, and at the same time the wife of Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole.In second place was British model and actress Kelly brook is fond of filming in the Nude.It is followed by the famous American actress, Scarlett Johansson, according to the publication Day.To fourth respondents of the fair sex was determined Charlotte Church.And completes the list of the best busts wife of a famous footballer, Victoria Beckham. Source: Named a top five "star" busts the planet (photos).

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