Vladimir Shainsky warm up in the bath with a student

Vladimir Shainsky warm up in the bath with a student The Creator of many truly folk melodies - songs from "Grasshopper" and "Blue car" to the music to the films "School waltz" and "Aniskin and Fantomas" recently turned 82 years old. However, this is the age on the passport. What your body and soul Maestro very juvenile young.This convinced the residents of Shcherbinka near Moscow.To our office came a resident of Moscow region Ivan Permyakov. He toils in the bath attendant, LLC "Zarya". Wooden bathhouse, where Ivan Viktorovich, ex-military, works part-time in retirement, is located in a picturesque place on the lake, a few kilometers from the Grooves. Despite the fact that in a wooden hut no basic amenities, it enjoys popularity even among pampered Muscovites. One such VIP customers, according to Permyakova, for several years, is beloved by millions of our countrymen composer Shainsky.- Vladimir Yakovlevich few years coming to us in December and January, usually with a small company, " says Perm. - Here in 2005, when it was very cold winter, Shainsky was not. Apparently, relatives persuaded to abandon the "extreme". And the other day it struck us, the staff of the baths, on the spot, granted with a young beauty.Swim in the holeVladimir Yakovlevich and his companion brought the car driver. In the bath with them the driver did not go, left to guard an expensive foreign car. Cavalier and his lady felt more relaxed than, the benefit at this time, according to Permyakova, at the lake don't usually happen.- The camera I have prepared in advance, " says Ivan Viktorovich. Because even before it was known that coming to us Shainsky. Wanted to ask, so he took a picture with me. But when I saw the companion Vladimir Jakovljevic, I realized that it is not up to me. Then I started to sneak pictures of them together, especially trying not to glow. Although they, in my opinion, was absolutely still.Who is this girl, Permyakov was too shy to ask. Says the administrator of their establishments Olga Dr. Guzel, who took from Shainsky money for the session, he introduced her as Anya, a student of a music College. By referring to her 20 years, not more. This is a charming creature that ventured out from the bath into the cold Topless, was very scared when Vladimir Yakovlevich slipped on the stairs and fell into a hole and disappeared under the water. Fortunately, after a moment, he seemed on the surface and are independently selected, with a laugh Monday."You know, I give you pictures with a pure heart, because I don't think it's blackmail," said us Perm. - If a man of that age interested in some ladies, this can only admire. He's a real man, and may God grant us all his age to be so cheerful, as Vladimir Yakovlevich.By the WAYThe wife of Vladimir Yakovlevich, Svetlana Vladimirovna, younger wife of more than 40 years. According to friends of the family, Shinskie souls in each other companion. At the time of the shooting, according to our sources, she was abroad. Source: Vladimir Shainsky warm up in the bath with a student (photo).

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