Tigran Keosayan struck `acute myocardial infarction`

Tigran Keosayan struck `acute myocardial infarction`Famous film Director Tigran Keosayan on Tuesday morning came to the hospital bed. The man complained of severe pain in the cardiac region, and native immediately called him an ambulance.Arrived on a call, the doctors made a preliminary diagnosis of "acute myocardial". It was impossible to hesitate - Keosayan rushed into one of the best Metropolitan hospitals, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".In the hospital, more carefully after seeing the famous patient, the doctors confirmed the diagnosis. It was also revealed that 42-year-old Tigran required emergency surgery.Director operated by experienced professionals. The Keosayan held sanirovanie in the artery has been inserted a special device, which expanded the lumen and ensure normal blood flow.According to doctors, currently the state Director does not inspire fear. Tigran Keosayan is in a separate ward under close supervision of doctors. At work heart patient monitor specific devices.Even though hospitalization in the near future, the TV will enter program "an Evening with Tigran Keosayan". According to televisionyou, the channel was made a reserve "just in case", and zitelli will see these captured pre-releases.It is unknown how long the film will stay in the hospital. He himself answers the phone and on the health is not complaining. The voice Keosayan seemed quite cheerful, but the breathing was clearly labored writes "Moskovsky Komsomolets"."I feel good, I'm all right," said Keosayan. - The operation was successful, I already communicate with doctors and family. I hope I won't be delayed." Source: Tigran Keosayan struck down a "acute heart attack"".

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