Jan Arlozorov suffers from a terrible disease

Jan Arlozorov suffers from a terrible diseaseDue to unbearable pain in the abdomen Jan Arlozorov needed emergency medical help. The paramedics, who came home to the famous humorist, insisted on immediate hospitalization, but Jan Majorowicz categorically rejected it.Severe disease that has long plagued the artist, has recently escalated again. Jan Arlozorov long been plagued by severe abdominal pain, possible cause of which doctors called a tumor. "Your DAY" already wrote that a few months ago Jan Arlozorov was in one of the Moscow clinics with pain in the abdomen. Then Jan Majorowicz refused a thorough examination and left the hospital without the permission of doctors.However, the disease did not let go, and comedian had to enlist the help of specialists. After diagnosis, doctors discovered Arlozorov the truth about his illness.The diseaseJan Majorowicz long concealed the diagnosis even from loved ones, alone in experiencing the trouble. And only in celebration of its 60th anniversary Arlozorov decided to tell about the illness of a close friend. Surrounded by the artist have long noticed that he became less sociable and is completely closed in itself. Just a few months humorist is very thin and haggard. The real reason for his severe condition has become known most recently: Jan Majorowicz admitted that some incurable disease.AmbulanceEach artist immediately went to the doctors - he was hoping that Yan Majorowicz agrees to accept his help. The reaction of Arlozorov was unexpected: he refused hospitalization.Recently the artist has suffered another fit. The pain was so strong that his father was forced to call an ambulance. Arriving doctors assisted him in place and strongly recommend to immediately go to the hospital. However, Jan Majorowicz again refused, explaining that he sees in the treatment of any sense. The doctors, realizing that at home to help seriously ill person is impossible, began to persuade the patient.- Don't want to, " snapped Arlozorov.In the opinion of the attending physicians comedian, he's just tired of fighting with his illness, also, the father of Jan Meierovica also seriously ill and needs constant care. Medics ready on call to go to Arlozorov and try to control its state. Source: Jan Arlozorov suffers from a terrible disease.

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