Children of Nicole Kidman don't want to call her mom

Children of Nicole Kidman don't want to call her momThe actress in a recent interview admitted that her adopted children, Isabella and Connor, don't call her mom.Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman) told sleduushee "My kids don't call me mom or even a mom. They call me Nicole. This appeal to me on their part I hate most. I have repeatedly talked to them about it, but nothing changes".The actress also shared her view that her children have something to do with Scientology: "they are raising Scientologists. Need to be honest and not to have illusions about it. I don't want to be in the ranks of the organization. I wish my daughter and son built their lives, as do most people, without the local terminology. Me sad to realize that I have not been able to take responsibility for their lives, when was the decision made about their adoption in Scientology sect. So, I took the only responsible for their adoption. Then I let it go.Nothing to talk about, even if in conflict with Tom, I chose the easiest way out - divorce. It turns out that I have shifted the responsibility on to other shoulders. I understand that there are situations where divorce is the only right step, but we are often called easy choice, right choice. A necessary way to solve any problem I call a conversation with the person with whom you allegedly do nothing more binds. If I understood, it would not be so categorical, as it is now. My children grew up, and soon they will have to choose where to live, whom to live and how to live. I hope they will choose life without Scientology and out of Los Angeles. This city that lives its own game where every second with nothing". Source: Children Nicole Kidman don't want to call her mom.

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