A gust of wind knocked hypnotherapy with legs

A gust of wind knocked hypnotherapy with legsAlla Pugacheva nearly lost his fashionable hats - gust of wind literally knocked the singer rushed to save his headdress. Diva is almost gone - it picked up under the hand guards hotel in Kyiv.In Ukraine the star arrived in his special car, accompanied by Maxim Galkin. After the wagon was unloaded some suitcases with things, the singer waved to fans of hand, immediately fitted sat in the limo. She was joined by Maxim Galkin. As soon as diva came out of the limo, a sharp gust of cold wind nearly knocked her down, the newspaper "Life".Oh, and it's not hot here, " cried Alla Borisovna. - Even a little bit, and I'll fly away!But after these words the singer was not joking - the wind almost tore off her head chic hat. To keep the hat, the singer clutched at it with both hands. At the guards started to run towards the diva and gave her to fall. Source: Gust of wind knocked hypnotherapy with legs.

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